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Ally9J's fantasy with me and more men..

Post #1

Ally9J's fantasy with me and more men..Hello one and allThis is a story one of my beautiful mature friends AllyJ9, and her dream sex sesson. Involving 5 to 8 men giving her pleasure over several hours.So this is my take.She wanted between 5 to 8 penises to please her, she also wanted hard penises, she loves the taste of sperm, hot man cum. AllyJ9, asked me if I could find these men myself included. I hunted for men 35 to 55 of all shapes and sizes, with this in mind i knew she wanted my penis in the mix as well, so it took about a month or so to find and book in a date she was cumfortable with as she was in control. We all meet at a house in hamilton, as we entered we were greeted with a drink, blue pills, and several cock and ball rings. She was smiling that welcoming smile dressed in a strapless dress that showed us that she was not wearing a bra with her ample breasts and large nipples erect, something i loved to suck on but that is a story for another time, then following her beautiful full curvy body. She then asked if each of us men could get undressed as she wanted to see these men all lined up to measure each penis and giving each of us viagra, and after one hour all 8 men were proud from a excellent 3.5 to a respectable 9 inches, although my cock is only just over 7" inches just seeing all the erect cocks and her excited face had me start producing pre cum making my cock pee hole glisten. "Yummy!" Ally said walking over, then using her index finger to rub the head of my cock licking the rest off her finger. She then pulled out a tape measure then proceeded to take the cock measurments. This was interesting as we used alternative names Jack, John, Graham, Tim, Tom, laurie, Harry, and myself Madd. Jacks cock was about 3.5 inches with a think shaft and massive head, John was the largest at 9 inches with with a standard shaft to head ratio, Graham was 4.9 inches with the only perfect U shaped with a proud head, while the rest of us filled in the average.Ally started with sucking on Jack and Graham's cocks while the rest started sucking and kissing her body... licking her nipples, pussy, massaging legs and feet. Ally's number one rule you cum without her "help" you go to the back of the que. So with all this going on I only stroked my cock once or twice a minute just to keep it erect. Every few minutes she would want to swap cocks to suck on. Now she wanted to be fucked and she also wanted a cock and/or balls in her mouth... she was on her back getting pounded by Jack and sucking on Laurie's cock, she then want to be double penetrated asking Jack to take her from behind and Graham on top, I was lucky she started sucking on my cock, it felt so good her tongue moving under and around my head.. I was interrupted with her reaching a massive orgasim, squirting in the process... Jack and Graham kept on going 20 minutes longer... 2 more organisms the Jack coming in her arse... followed by Graham's load filling her up... giving her a double cream pie. She was still buzzing then john started on her arse and laurie was on top, with now tim getting sucked off by Ally. I was squeezing her breasts and nipples... she rose to another loud climax one after another.... again two massive loads in her filling out another cream pie 30 odd minutes later... and tim unloading on her breasts to her pleasure. Tom under and harry on top fucking her hard, tim started cleaning her breasts up licking off his cum... while Ally cleaned his cock.... she started to climax again squirting again and this time it continued for more than a few minutes..... with harry topping her back up to full.... another minute later tom unleashing... after a few moments Ally moved to on all fours... and I proceeded with mounting her and pounding her hard... making sure she feel every inch of my cock.. she wanted cocks in her mouth to suck.. I took me 30min to unload with several weeks of cum... she was well and truly satisfied... however with viagra 100mgs in our systems our cocks were rock hard at the thought of getting sucked off.... so Ally wanted to be covered in cum.... and that's just what we did....Fin.
05-05-2021, at 08:28 PM

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