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New boyfriend

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New boyfriendWith the whole lockdown thing I haven?t been with anyone other than my husband for the last couple of months and its been ok, I am not complaining as sex with hubby is good enough but not all that exciting and with everything else going on its been quite nice just the two of us. Its not like I have been able to meet anyone else anyway but I have for a month or so been chatting with the man who works in our local petrol station. Only been able to go out for essentials has limited options but the man there has been nice in our chats and one of the few people I have seen since all this started. I have noticed him looking at me and we have chatted quite a bit, all be it through a Perspex wall, he too has not seen anyone but with lockdown been slightly lifted I went up to the station to fill up on gas and much needed supplies of jelly and sugar in plastic bags of fun and he asked me out of the blue if I wanted to go for a walk or something. I didn?t know what to say really, I did like our chats but he isn?t my type, quite tell which isn?t my thing and the ginger side of red head, quite skinny with it, I tend to go for dark hair with a bit of padding, but its not like I have seen anyone else and our chats are nice so I said yes. When I told hubby I didn?t say it was a ?date? and just seeing someone for a picnic which he was fine with. Our first ?date? I wore a dress, and we met up at his work and went for a walk in the woods and around and sat on the grass sharing a picnic of cold drinks off the shelf sandwiches and lots of lovely sugar in bags. We talked for ages and got along well and although he looked at my cleavage and legs quite a lot he was a gentleman, as we walked back we crossed a hedge and he held my hand to help me and we carried on holding hands as we walked and then before we left the woods he kissed me. Took be by surprise a little but it was nice, his hands firmly on my bum as we kissed for about a minute and I really did get horny. When I got home I told hubby and he was ok with it but a little taken back that I fibbed. Our second date was a little more fun, I wore a skirt and top, went to the same place as before but we held hands on the way and kissed a little, after the meal we lay together kissing with his hand on my boob or slipping up my skirt feeling my bum through my knickers but kept having to stop as there were too many people hiding in bushes, walking around tossing balls at each other and the occasional screaming k** but on the way back I lifted my top and showed him what I had to offer and we decided we needed a little more privacy for our next date. He lives with his parents so that was out but we have a hot tub that?s all enclosed and private so I asked him to come over to mine.When I told hubby he was even more taken back but I told him it was just a tub and he agreed that if I wanted to go further it was ok, and he was just a bit out of practice with this sort of thing.So my friend came to the house met hubby which went ok, I was in a swimming costume and my friend was in shorts, hubby left us in the pool and we fooled around a little, I lay with my back to him and he felt my body, I got quite horny and slipped off my costume, I stood up showing him my nude body and his eyes popped out. When I sat back with him he had a good feel, licking my breasts and I put my hand down his shorts, I have not felt a dick other than husbands for months was a little shocked at the feeling on a different dick and how big it felt even though not fully erect but was soon quite hard, I pulled his shorts down and we cuddled in the water rubbing against each other as we moved around his cock rubbed against my pussy a few times almost penetrating me as I slipped on top of him so he could put his face between my breasts. I asked if he wanted to do it and he said yes, but we didn?t have a condom!I know it was a little silly to do but I got my boyfriends phone and texted my husband asking him to bring out a condom for us with a couple of cold drinks.Hubby came into the gazebo with red face he had to colas and a condom, seeing us both naked in the bubbling water he asked if we were going to do it and I kissed him quick and took the condom wobbling my boobs for him while my bum wobble for boyfriend behind me. With hubby gone I told my boyfriend to stand so I could put the condom on him and when he stood his cock fully erect was in my face, I almost panicked, his cock is huge, fatter than my husbands and a couple of inches longer, although a little ugly as cocks go pale shite with blue veins and a bullet head with the foreskin stretched back with his erection, I had gone this far and slipped on the condom. when I put a condom on my husband the latex rolls down to the end of his penis fully covering his cock like a raincoat, but on my boyfriend it left a inch or two of skin exposed at the stump. I was a little concerned.We started to kiss I was on my back in the pool boyfriend sat up holding my thighs we kissed and he slipped in, I though it felt really good, I was quite stretched like taking a cucumber in me opening me up much more than my husband does, and after a few thrusts I thought I could take him ok, but as we moved together he hit the back of my vagina with every send thrust, a sharp pain with the tip of his cock hitting my cervix. We did it in quite a few positions but each time I thought we have a good position it hurt again, the pain and way he stretched me open made me cum in each position until at the end he was banging me from the rear, hanging onto my breasts as he pounded me and I tried not to cry out, the he came and we both had a massive orgasm together that blew my mind, but as he came I felt hot sperm flood into me and I realised the condom had broken, as we came and he ejaculated into my open unprotected vagina my orgasm turned into one of the best orgasms of my left. After sex we lay together and he apologised, I said it was ok as I lay there tingling.When he want home hubby joined me in the pool, he was quite turned on and when I put a condom on it took me back how small his cock was compared to what I had just taken, as we had sex the difference in cocks was between a cucumber and a carrot, I rode himin the end to get full penetration, even so he could not hit the back with the same feeling. He did mention I was very wet, but I didn?t tell him that his cock was been lubricated by my boyfriends sperm.Our next date he is coming to our house again and we are planning on going to bed. I am a little afraid how I can take him in bed but am very much looking forwards to it.
06-01-2021, at 10:38 AM

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