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Fantasies Do Come True

Post #1

Fantasies Do Come TrueMy wife and I had been in the swinging lifestyle for several years. We had a sex life most people only fantasize about. But we hadn't done everything we'd talked about before and during sex. Don't mind telling you, it makes for some really hot sex.We had did several straight swaps, threesomes, and since my wife is bi....I got to watch her with another woman on several occasions. I love watching my wife fucking. I'm not a cuck, I'm a "Stag", and had always wanted to see my sweet babe being gang banged. Another fantasy we had was going to a swinger's resort. One where the sun is warm, the ocean breeze wonderful. and nudity is optional. I got a once in a life time deal to a swinger's resort in the Bahamas and jumped on it. My wife and I was excited about the prospect of the time we'd have there. So much so, for two weeks prior to leaving the anticipation got to us both and we had some very hot sex almost every night. She was into everything, I deep throated her, I fuck her in the ass several times, toy fucked her, stuck a vibrator in her pussy while I fucked her ass, fisted her pussy, and had a awesome session of me cumming all over her face after a blowjob. Finally the day rolled around and we left for our week of sun and fun.We got to the resort around 1:00 pm, checked in and was escorted to our bungalow. This place was really top notch. Huge room with a giant bed, couch, table and chairs, a wet bar, giant screen TV, and the bungalow opened up right on the beach. I tipped the bell-hop a $20.00 and we got right into unpacking. We decided to take a little nap as we knew we'd be up until the we-hours fucking. The week was great. We'd met a few couples and partied with them, had a great time, every time. We had two days left on our vacation and no complaints. On this particular day we'd gotten up and had brunch. Was lounging around on our terrace having drinks when I caught a guy checking out my wife from the beach. This didn't bother me in the least, and I struck up a conversation with him. He (we'll call him John) walked up to our terrace and talked to us, telling my wife and I that he was staying at a resort down the beach with a couple of buddies and had heard about the place we were staying. As our stretch of the beach was private, John snuck over to check it out. We offered him a drink and started answering questions we knew was surly to come. Questions like, Did I get jealous when my wife had sex with other people, What got us into the swinging lifestyle, How long had we been swingers, ect....ect. After about an hour of chatting I suggested that he and his buddies have dinner with us that evening, which he excepted without hesitation.That evening we met John and his two buddies at a local restaurant that came highly recommended. John, Steve, and Luke were complete gentlemen, but none of them could keep their eyes off my wife and I loved it. After dinner, drinks and dancing was the order of the evening and my wife was having the time of her life !! She danced with each of the guys, teasing them with her sexy body and allowing them to touch her ass. After a couple of hours of that, she suggested we move the party to our room. Immediately I felt a rush as I was hoping against hope to finally realize a fantasy.When we got to our bungalow, my wife excused herself to freshen up. I made drinks for all, put on music, and sat back. My wife came out of the bathroom wearing a very sheer dressing gown that showed her incredible sexy body. All four of us men's eyes were glued to her. She walked over to us and took my drink. Holding the glass in one hand she walked by John, Steve and Luke brushing her hand across their already stiffened cocks. She laughed, drank my drink down and walked over to John, pulling him down to her face and started kissing him deeply. That all the signal Steve and Luke needed and they surrounded my wife kissing her body and running their hands over her. My wife was working to get a cock in her mouth when Steve sat her down on one of the terrace chairs and buried his face in her wet pussy. The other two was standing on either side and my wife was sucking one cock, then another. Steve brought my wife to orgasm and then switched with John and joined Luke getting his cock sucked by my wife. Each of the guys took a turn licking and sucking my wife's pussy. I even saw a tong or two licking her asshole.They had enough foreplay and Luke sat down on the couch. He brought my wife over his cock and she slowly sat down on it. Luke was fucking her good. I had seen my wife really turned on but this night she was like a wild woman. I sat there mesmerized watching my wife riding Luke's cock, and sucking and stroking the other two. I don't know how many times she cum but it seemed like wave after wave hit her, one orgasm after another. I got up and handed Steve a bottle of Silk lubricant. Immediately Steve lubed up his johnson and dribbled some on my wife's asshole. When he slowly inserted his cock into my wife's ass, she screamed with pleasure and cum again. I sat there watching my wife's pussy and ass being stretched as two cocks hammered her holes. She sucked on John's cock the whole time. The guys switched around until John unloaded a load a cum in my wife's ass. Shortly after Steve cum in her pussy and Luke blew his wad down her throat. The guys left my wife laying on that couch with their cum oozing out of her holes. She was exhausted but smiling. I had a raging hard on from just watching such an awesome fuck session. I helped her to the shower and washed her, being very careful with her pussy and asshole as they were tender from the pounding they took. Once in bed, I figured I'd slip back into the bathroom and relieve myself but as I turned to walk away my wife told me she was too sore to fuck, but she wanted my cock in her mouth and down her throat. She then hung her head over the side of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She reached up and took the cheeks of my ass in her hands and pulled me into her until my cock slid down her throat. I throat fucked her that night, and it didn't take long before I blew my wad down her throat.We had one more night at the resort before we departed for home. We didn't do anymore fucking as my wife was too sore. She could hardly walk the day after her fuck session, and we didn't fuck for a week after we got home. That week was a dream cum true for both of us. And still from time to time we'll talk about it as we have some of the hottest sex.
06-25-2021, at 01:23 AM

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