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Double Delight At The Pool

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Double Delight At The PoolIt had been a long day, not in hours but intensity. Susan felt the tension in her arms as she slipped into the pool for her daily laps. Her company?s big project was scaling up and that meant more work, more stress and more knots in her shoulders.She felt her age more every time she went to the pool, (not from the workout, she kept herself in good shape, a pleasing sight for a woman expecting to be crowned a grandmother sometime in the foreseeable future) but rather she felt dismayed by the abundance of hard bodies all around her, in particular, young men like Phillipe, two lanes over, a former competitive swimmer who was still in his prime only three years out of university. Her eyes were still fixated on Phillipe as he left the pool after finishing his laps, swaggering toward the locker room, his firm ass cheeks moving in that confident stride natural to the young and physically gifted.Ordinarily, feasting her eyes on a stout young rump would fuel the juices in Susan?s pussy but today she was too mentally tired to even imagine the possibilities.She was alone in the pool now, everyone was gone, save the lifeguard, Jamal, a young 20-something in his second year at the university. A nice, pleasant young man, Jamal was handsome, not uncommonly so but still enough to catch a woman?s eye. His darkish chocolate-colored skin was clear, smooth and invited women to touch it. Susan had actually seen that happen as middle-aged women would constantly flirt with Jamal, for no reason other than to place a lingering, gentle touch upon him while making an observation or joke.With most young studs she would have joined in but Jamal?s choice in swimwear left Susan cold. Long baggy swim trunks that hung to his knees gave no evidence of baser pleasure beneath, nor a sense of style on the outside.Susan pushed off, concentrating on the rhythm of her task at hand. As she made the turn on her second lap, she noticed a figure enter the pool area. She thought he seemed familiar and as she completed her lap, she made the connection.She remembered him from the office, a contractor from one of the subsidiaries, brought in to help augment the big project. They passed in the hallway once or twice, exchanging pleasantries on the go but were never formally introduced.His name was the least thing on Susan?s mind as the man tossed his towel on the back of a chair while chatting with the young lifeguard. He was a mature black man, darker in complexion than Jamal, a few years younger than Susan, in very fine shape for his age, especially with that incredible bulge in his swimsuit.This man knew how to dress to accentuate his advantages, unlike Jamal. He wore a tight Speedo trunk, much like Phillipe, that complimented a flat stomach for his age and the unmistakable bulge of someone with an enormous Johnson, a prodigious pecker, a heart-stopping cock, in other words ? a very big dick.?Horse cock,? Susan thought, feeling warm from a slight blush as she began her third circuit. She had not seen evidence of a cock that large since the summer before she began university, many moons ago. Spending the summer on her grandfather?s vineyard in Provence, she met a young worker, a local boy working for money to support himself during an upcoming backpacking trip around Europe.It was a typical summer fling, unremarkable save for the moment she slipped her panties off for him beneath a hillside arbor and discovered he sported a truly hefty piece of meat between his legs. It was her first time and luckily somewhere along the way some gracious older woman had tutored him on the niceties of handling a dick like his when lovemaking with younger, more inexperienced girls. Had she known who her matriarchal benefactor was, Susan would have sent flowers.He was gentle, he was a magnificent lover and it was a summer ...WHAM!!!?Aww ... Shit!? Susan?s fanciful sojourn back to that special summer was instantly replaced by a dull sensation on the top of her head as she missed the turn at the lap?s completion and rammed into the end of the pool. Her distraction had slowed her usual pace and probably spared her a concussion. Fortunately, she was in the shallow end, else Jamal would have had to earn his pay that day.?Are you okay??Susan tilted her head back, still rubbing the newly acquired bump on the top of her head. It was Jamal, upside down in her view.?I?ll be fine,? Susan replied. ?Just a little bump.??Stay in this end for a few minutes before you start again. Make sure your head is clear.? Jamal returned to his lifeguard post. Horse Cock kept up his laps with that behemoth baton in his trunks, seemingly having not noticed her accident.I wonder if that thing causes drag in the water, she asked herself absentmindedly.Susan leaned against the end of the pool, stretched her arms along the edge, arched her back slightly and let her legs float to the top, leaving her floating in a relaxed, weightless state.Today?s appearance of Horse Cock had jumpstarted her pussy juice; closing her eyes, Susan returned to her salad days at the vineyard, wrestling in the sheets, the river, the fields, wherever her young stallion took her. They never missed an opportunity to fuck like minks in heat.The very thought of his cock would make her wet in anticipation. Even now her pussy tingled when ...Wait, what, now? This felt different. Susan felt the slightest bit of pressure tracing a path up and down, up and down the length of her pussy lips. She didn?t want it to stop but reluctantly she opened her eyes.Horse Cock had stopped his laps and was reaching over the lane divider, sliding his index finger up and down her slit, moistened now not by a chlorinated pool but her own flowing pussy juice.?Should I stop?? His voice had the confidence of an older, more experienced man, warm and soothing, an invitation to pleasures she had not enjoyed for some time.?No, please don?t stop ... ever.? Susan?s answer was less a plea than an entreaty bubbling up from the depths of her ecstasy, triggered by the thought of a long-ago affair and nurtured by the feather-light manipulations of a man who could fill her desires and her pussy in one shot.Horse Cock ducked under the rope and slipped her swimming suit off. How he unzipped a one-piece and discarded it so quickly seemed perplexing, but Susan didn?t hold that thought for long as he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and buried his face in her warm, wet snatch.He wasted no time lapping up her juices, inhaling deeply as he sniffed her pussy. She needed a man right then worse than at any time in her life. He began vigously tongue fucking her without mercy and Susan orgasmed with a wail that mixed relief and lust.At this point Horse Cock stood, ripped his trunks off and flung them on the pool deck in a gesture that was anything but subtle. He wanted Susan right then and meant to have her. She wasn?t inclined to deny him.?Ohhh ... fuck me ... fuck me ... FUCK ME with that big black dick ... I need you NOW ... I want ... you ... inside ... my pussy!!!Susan was impaled on a black dick she had never imagined in her life. It throbbed as he thrust it in her time and time again. He stretched her pussy and she felt every inch, every vein as he pounded her. The pool churned in a frothy tsunami as his ebony shaft savaged her eager cunt.?Can I join??Susan tilted her back to see Jamal, upside down again, this time he was undoing his trunks and letting them drop. No wonder he wears those baggy trunks, Susan thought. Jamal had a formidable piece of meat of his own. Not as thick or long as Horse Cock, but still worthy of the title Big Black Cock.?Suck .. let ... I want ... suck you ... BLACK DICK!?Susan struggled to spit out a coherent thought at this point because she was mad with desire, faced with two of the three biggest cocks she had ever seen.Jamal placed his dick in her mouth and she began slobbering all over his beautiful cock, not sure in her distracted state how to best take advantage of her position, half in, half out of the water. She settled on his gorgeous knob, working it with her tongue and lips. She didn?t think it could possibly get harder but it did. Susan knew it wouldn?t be long before Jamal graced her with a load of delicious black seed.Suddenly, Horse Cock began to arch his back. ?Ahhh ... ahhh ... ahhh? he cried.Susan?s composure returned quickly. ?Don?t cum in me ... Get me out.?Horse Cock withdrew immediately and scooped Susan up under her armpits and deposited her on the pool deck. As he did, Jamel pressed on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees, jammed his dick in her mouth and then withdrew as Horse Cock thrust his power pecker in and out.Back and forth they went, like Nubian sex gods laying claim to the lips and tongue of their white subject. Susan expertly sucked and licked each in rapid order. They were ready to explode and she knew how to press the button.Reaching up between their legs, she slide a hand along the ass cracks of her black studs and slipped a finger into their assholes, teasing and playing with their little rosebuds until their knees buckled and hips spasmed.Horse Cock?s bellow was primal, even savage, as he came on Susan?s face, a thick, creamy load of jizz that caught Susan on the temple and streamed down her cheek and onto her neck. Jamal was in her mouth when he expelled his seed with a nonsensical stream of ?ooohhhh? and ?haaaahhh? finally punctuated by a satisfied ?YEEEESSSS!!!?The two black bucks were surprised that they had kept their feet, even more surprised by the gusto with which Susan swallowed their swords, as best she could, and licked and sucked for every last drop of jizz like her life depended on it.Postscript: A few days after the pool session, Phillipe asked Susan out. She turned him down because the package in his swim trunks just didn?t have the right credentials. She often wondered if he had witnessed her adventure from the doorway to the locker room. It didn?t matter, Susan was a black dick connoisseur now.The night of their meeting, Susan took Horse Cock home and straight to bed. He fucked her without mercy, nor did she ask for any. She called in sick the next day and because he had a scheduled late shift, Horse Cock helped himself to her delights for many hours, not to mention many days after that until his assignment was over and he returned home. Susan never learned his name, nor sought it, instead always referring to him as Horse Cock, or HC, in public, much to his delight.After Horse Cock left, Susan offered to tutor Jamal in his studies at university, especially cost accounting since that was her profession. In turn he tutored her on the mysteries and possibilities of fucking a young black man with a big dick. Jamal spent his summers at the pool servicing Susan and a few of her close friends before he eventually graduated, with honors. For his graduation, Susan bought him a skin tight Speedo.
06-25-2021, at 01:24 AM

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