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I dared my wife

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I dared my wifeOne night after dinner my and I were talking on our back deck. The subject of sex and crazy things we had done in the past came up. She said you remember when we were only dating and we went to the air show ? I said you wore that white tennis skirt and no panties. She laughed, and said you fucked me standing up and your cum ran down my thigh. I asked why we don't do crazy stuff like that anymore? She said we are an old married couple now. I said we are thirty four, that's not old. Let's do something wild I said. Like what she said.Well just off the top of my head why don't you ride over to Coley's and get him to fuck you with a big cock of his. Coley is a guy we met last summer, one of my wife's friends introduced us. She told my wife he had the biggest dick she had ever seen. I know my wife has thought about it, I see how she looks at him when we see him out. My wife giggled and said no. I dare you, I said. She said are you serious? I said I dare you to go over to house house and give him that pussy. She didn't say anything for a while. I thought I had made her mad. In a little while she stood and went into the house. I stayed outside just in case she needed to cool off. After a few minutes I needed a cold beer so I eased into the kitchen, I could hear the shower running in my wife's bathroom so I went back out and walked to our pool. I was standing on the far side of it when my wife walked out on the deck. She called for me to come to her. As I walked up I noticed she was wearing her tight white spandex shorts and a white wife beater. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples were hard. As I got closer I could see she most likely wasn't wearing panties either. The seam of the tight spandex was running right between her female lips. She only weighs a hundred pounds but she has all the curves of a pinup girl . What's up baby I asked? She said I'll going out for a little while. OK I said. Then I added dressed like that? She said yes. Umm where are you going I stammered. She turned on the balls of her feet and started back inside and over her shoulder she said Coley's. I followed her in are said no you aren't. She picked up her purse and keys then said I'll bring proof home. And just like that she went out the door. I watched from the den window as she backed out the driveway and drove off. Wow I thought to myself. It was almost four hours before she came home. She came in and sat her purse down and crossed in front of me headed to the kitchen. I jumped up and walked in behind her, well , I said. Well what she answered me back. You know what I said. She took a beer from the fridge and as she opened it she looked at me and said you'll have ask . Then she put the bottle to her lips. OK, OK, I said, well did you fuck him? The bottle came down from her lips as she walked pasted me headed to the den. I grabbed myself a beer and almost ran back to get my answer. She was setting on the couch, her legs tightly crossed. I sat across from her, I was about to explode with lust. She took another long drink then sat her beer on the end table. She looked up from it and said what do you think I've been doing for the pasted four hours? That's what I'm asking I said with a Shakey voice. She could easily tell she had one hundred percent of control of me right now. She slowly leaned back on the couch causing the thin white cotton material of her tank top to pull tight across her hard nipples. Looking me dead in the eyes she said yes he fucked me. I killed my beer real fast and said tell me about it. She smiled and said well first of all the stories of his cock are true. Is it big I asked her. She said yes, she said it's as big around as my wrist. God damn I slowly said. How long is it I blurted out. She could see I was wide eyed and excited. She held her hands but showing me about eight or nine inches. Wow I said, Did it hurt when he put it in? She said he didn't put it in, I did, but yes it did hurt the first time. First time, I questioned, how many times did you do it? She said three. I said he got hard three times, She said well he never got totally soft. How did you do it? I wanted to know. She said at first he messaged my back, then I took off my shirt so he could suck my tits. Then I stood up and pulled my shorts off. He was setting and had me stand in front of him and bend over. He ate my pussy untill I came. Then he stood up and I pulled down his shorts, his cock hit me in the face. It was only Simi hard and already twice the size of yours. She said I did my best to suck it and when it was rock hard he pulled me to my feet and turned me around. He bent me over and rubbed the head up and down between my pussy lips. I reached between my legs and guided him in. It didn't just go right in. He had ahold of my hips and he forced it to spread my pussy open. I gasp and my legs stiffened. He claimed me and kept saying to relax. After five minutes I was loosened enough that he was sawing it in and out. He was bumping my uterus on the in stroke. When he came the first time he pulled my hip bones tightly back to him and I sware he shot his cum right into my uterus. When he pulled out my reaction was to grab my pussy as if the insides we're falling out. My legs were wobbly as I stood up straight. I turn to him and said God Damn. He asked if I enjoyed it? She said I told him I want more. She said he repeated the same two more times. She told me as I was dressing I told him he could have my pussy anytime he wants it. I told her I wanted to eat her. She said now? I said yes. But I'm nasty down there she said. I know I said now get that pussy out.
04-07-2021, at 02:18 PM

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