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It's Not Your Day

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It's Not Your DayIt?s Not your DayBy: Londebaaz Chohan Not only that they were buying, Fermin also had a great capacity, encouraging him to go ahead and drink it up. The only bit of a concern was that the choice was in the hands of the guy ordering the drinks. One round of beer was following by a round of rum and then a scotch or the bourbon, back to beer and onto rum or vodka and so forth but then it was same for all the group. Every time Fermin got up to leave, next round magically appeared. Fermin was kind of glad that the group was charmed to meet a real cowboy and they were asking him all the questions about the things they did not know about the ranches and the ongoing of the Cowboy life. Fermin had worked since his late teen years? at the ranch and it was his first time ever into the town. He had asked one of his friends, going to the town, to take him along. Fermin hoped to find some local pussy to unload this pressure in his balls after a spell of hard work week at the ranch. It was only a chance that coming to this ?Cowboy Tavern? he met with this group of city guys. They looked a happy go lucky group and also acted very friendly to invite Fermin in their group as they began ordering. Fermin had no doubt to wonder, if their attention to him was a bit personal. Being young, strong and macho like any brute Cowboy, Fermin was sure, if push came to shove, he could easily handle these unfit, though clever and cunning city lads, even though they were four against him alone.Eventually, Fermin realized that he had enough and told the guys that he must get back to the motel as it was getting late and dark already, his friend from the ranch had promised him to make the arrangements for the night but now, he had no idea where his friend was. The city guys seemed sorry and all so concerned that one of them offered him a ride. Fermin thought, it was a good idea to accept the offer and all of them got up ready to leave as the city-boys paid off the check and walked out from the back door into the parking lot full of beat up trucks and the old looking pick ups?. Fermin was not surprised when the boy with the keys came and stopped by the late model Cadillac. ?Nice car?, Fermin said, as he looked at the car. ?Thanks? the man answered promptly and pressed a button on the key and the car trunk opened up automatically. Fermin had heard of the newer model cars with special gadgets coming in the town and was not surprised but of course impressed a lot, to say the least. He looked at the trunk and remarked of it being quite large and roomy. ?You bet, it is big enough? responded the man and then as all of stood around, he asked Fermin to climb in so they could get going. Astonished, Fermin looked at the man saying, ?Are you k**ding?? The man?s voice was suddenly loud and cold too, ?What makes you think, I am k**ding?? Fermin quickly took a step back noticing the menacing and threatening tone and the man even reached in his pocket to wave some kind of weapon at him telling him angrily to cut his balls off him. ?Faggot, get in the trunk right now?. He ordered Fermin. Now Fermin was scared for real. ?I ? I am no faggot?, he could hardly stumble. All of them laughed. ?You may not be one right now boy, but by the time we are done with you, you will surely be. Now get your fucking ass in the trunk, pronto?. Just the tenor of the dude?s voice was telling Fermin that he meant business and the stupid asshole might actually hurt him, if he showed any reluctance, so grudgingly he climbed in the trunk. Now the man ordered him to bring his hands behind his back to put the cold metal handcuffs around his wrists with a clicking sound. Now Fermin knew, he was actually going to be fucked. It was not difficult for the Cowboy to realize that they were driving out towards the desert. The bouncing around of the car body was sure a sign of them having taken off the highway onto an unpaved road towards the desert and sure in no more than 15 minutes or so they came to a jolting stop and next minute he heard the car doors slamming, telling him that they were getting out of the trunk. Now he heard the popping of the trunk and, ?Climb your ass out gently and carefully, faggot boy and let the party begin?. For a second, Fermin stayed put in the trunk. He had a very clear idea what was going to happen to him but thought not to let it to be a cake walk for the bastard bunch of bullies but suddenly he felt a number of hands holding his body harshly and pulling. Fermin knew, not to resist because after all he knew, they had some kind of weapon on them also to hurt him. A quick short glance around him and Fermin knew, he was right. They were somewhere in the middle of the desert far from any one to hear him and come to his help. Whatever these tyrants wanted to do, nobody could stop them. ?He is a pretty boy for the purpose?, was clearly heard by Fermin as one of the guys remarked staring at Fermin?s youthful body glowing in the moonlight. ?Let us strip him and start having some fun?. Another one said. Although the things had progressed too far but Fermin thought to make one last attempt and requested the guys not to fuck him. ?Hey dudes?, he begged, ?I am not a faggot at all, please do not fuck me, please don?t?, but the only response was a loud inhalation by the few as a ridicule and all began to mob around him. Next moment his shirt was literally ripped in pieces and fell off him. Then his body was hoisted in the air as his boots, one by one were tossed off his feet and then the socks as well. Fermin?s legs were really crumbling as he could feel couple of hands unbuckling his jeans and then it was pulled off his legs leaving him dressed only in boxers but it did not take even a minute that the boxer was ripped in pieces from his body leaving him naked as the day he was born and very defenseless.Now, Fermin was so scared, he could cry. They removed only one of the handcuffs and was forced to bend over as he kept on supplicating, ?Oh God! Oh please no?. He felt a very soft piece of flesh pressing against his anal hole. First hard dick, rammed its way through his tight ass puckering and began designing a cunt, where his ass hole was. The man was literally using him like a bitch, pounding him, plugging him with a total disregard to his soft, tender and virgin inside walls.Everybody fucked him, all four of them again and again, all night long, not only draining their balls in him but also doing many other things to him, dirty, nasty and horrible things, repulsive things like making him suck their cocks after they ejaculated on him or in him to clean the slime off their dicks. They even made him lick their ass holes as well, forcing him to push his tongue in their chutes and work it around till they were clean, smelled clean and tasted clean. All four of them took many turns of fucking his once tight, virgin ass and his mouth without any mercy, spit roasting him brutally. Fermin had to stand still for the two cocks taking him at both ends of his body although it was getting unbearable and absolutely impossible because of pain. Feeling them done with fucking him finally, Fermin begged them for a little bit of water to sooth his dry throat and to his extreme disgust, he was asked to open his mouth and keep it open until every one of them was done serving him the recycled beer they had in their bladders. He for the second time heard the threat of cutting his balls if even a drop trickled out of his gullet. The pungent odor was making Fermin sick, his belly was bulging as they all laughed and giggled around him and almost danced circling him showing him their still alive and well worth hurting cocks, still ready to breed him some more. Fermin was also well aware that all of those cocks had the will to fuck his mouth, go up his ass and use him turning him into a whore, a bitch and make the male slime leak from his both ends. Now finally, they had enough of the pussy boy, Fermin could see the sun trying to creep out of the far horizon. They ordered Fermin to put his jeans, and boots on as the car driver ordered the removal of his other hand out of the handcuffs also. Having a feeling of being tired and exhausted beyond; he had ever felt working on the ranch, Fermin enduringly pulled up his jeans over his badly bruised and battered ass. He was unable to control the leaking of the mingled globs of the male cum out of his ravaged ass as he bent down to reach for his boots. He was ordered to put the boots on his feet without the socks. Poor Fermin had no clue of still some more humiliation coming his way.Once he had his jeans and boots snugly on, Fermin straightened up to look all four men surrounding him. All four men who had fucked in his ass all night, bitching him, making him suck their cocks, turning the innocent virgin boy into their cum dump, but still the emotion that was overcoming in the decent mind of Fermin was of relief, thinking that it was over, they were finally finished with fucking him and going to let him go. It was exactly then that the man with the Cadillac keys spoke, ?Boy, you must be ready to empty your bladder by now? and looked on the bloating belly of the feeble ranch hand. Fermin also realized that the man was right and his bladder was really about to burst with all the recycled beer he had in him. Although he was not keen to do it with all these men around him, Fermin did reply that he needed to get a relief. He figured, they all fucked him so brutal, so hard all night and seen his manly member hard and limp already, emptying his bladder would not make much difference, even if they watched him intently.?OK boy, go ahead, do it?. Ordered the man but when Fermin tried to reach down and pull his cock out of his jeans, the man hollered at him and stopped him. ?I did not say to take it out of your fly?. He said with a very bad voice. ?We are not interested to see your boy clit. If you have to do it, go ahead do it but keeping it in your jeans?. Long as Fermin had not thought of it, he was alright but now the power of suggestion was consuming him. The bastards had to inflict this humiliation as well onto the boy as they stood around him grinning. They wanted to see him do it in his jeans. Fermin knew, they could still hurt him or damage him badly if he did not do what was asked of him. He started to wet his jeans as they wanted to see it.Fermin had thought that he would do it just a little bit to satisfy them and hopefully they would leave him alone but as he started, it was like the dam broke or the flood gates being flown open. He simply could not stop the gushing. He must have kept on going for good 5 minutes as they all clapped, hooted and encouraged him to keep going on and couple of them even used their camera phones to take pictures of the faggot bitch boy with his jeans soaked and his boots filled up as well.Finally, they thanked Fermin for a great fun fucking night, jumped in the car and spun around to leave him standing there. Fermin had the sense to hold his peace and not say or do anything to make them return back as he saw them leave, cursing at him and talk vulgar as well, if anything was not already said. He only stood there in his soaked jeans to see them go out of his sight. Now he took deep breaths first time during the whole night. For a sec he thought to take his drenched jeans off his body but he decided not to do it because he had a long walk ahead of him before reaching the road and finally to the ranch. He knew, he could not make all that long walk without his naked ass being burnt with the desert heat of the day time sun power. He knew it will give rise to a lot more questions and Fermin did not feel like answering any questions about the ordeal he had undergone. There was no fucking way, he was going to tell anyone, what he had to go through all night, how those city hood looms fucked him, made him swallow their male juices and do much more nasties. He could very well imagine, his colleagues and other ranch hands thinking, if they ever found out Fermin being ass fucked like a bitch all night by some city boys. No, he was not going to say a word and keep it to himself only. Sighing deep, he looked towards the car tire marks rushing down towards the road and started walking feeling the sloshing due to the accumulation in his boots. Now he realized why one of the mother fucking city boys had not allowed him to put his socks on and instead had put them in his pocket. He was only hoping that his jeans dried up quickly before hitting the road where he could get someone to drop him at the ranch. Although he had no idea, how to explain the smell!!For some crazy reason, he was thinking; what his fellow ranch-hands would like to do if they found that he played a bitch for the city boys. The images of his buddies at the ranch, lining up outside his bunk room to fuck him, stripped all naked with their cocks throbbing, fully hard ready to go in Fermin?s ass for their turn. Of course, it was also making his own cock get hard in the sodden jeans. Fermin smiled knowing secretly, why he was getting hard.The End. Your Comments help me to write better for your joyous reading. Londebaaz Chohan June 10, 2020.
08-15-2021, at 01:44 AM

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