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A Boy for Mother Ch. 03

Post #1

Having taken our relationship to another level, my mother and I now look more like newlywed lovebirds rather than mother and son. We have become liaison lovers, and she has become more than my mom, but rather my pleasing mistress and soul mate. We currently sleep in the same bed together, although we don't get much sleep with our constant intimate encounters lasting throughout most of the night. Our public exposure leaves many thinking that we are husband and wife, which is perfectly fine in both of our eyes seeing as how much our love for one another has grown. Secretly I have accepted my mother as my wife, although we don't mention such topics in conversation. It's almost as if we cherish the current situation of just being lovers without the official bond of marriage. When I look into her eyes, I see the reciprocation of love that I have for her reflected back towards me, and I'd venture to say that our familial bond has only increased our bond of intimacy and love. Our sexual encounters are laced with such passion and intimacy that the intensity of the moments leave us holding one another breathlessly in our arms, our minds lost in erotic contemplation.

Our erotic forays have also been expanding beyond conventional sex as we better continue to know one another sexually. During one encounter, I recall arousing my mistress mother by fingering her anus, which eventually led to me licking her anal opening and bringing her to her greatest orgasm to date. As if to share in such moments, the next night as I was mounting her with her legs spread, I felt her reach around and grab my naked ass, spreading my cheeks with her hand and sliding a finger in my anus. The feeling of mom's finger probing my anal opening as I was thrusting my cock into her vagina sent me well over the edge in what was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. She must have sensed my erotic feelings that night, because the next morning she began asking me about it.

"So, you like your butt to be played with during sex, do you?" Her early morning question as I awoke in her arms only reveal what I had been pondering all through the night.

"Apparently I like everything you do to me when I'm naked, mom." I accompany my reply with a smile and a dry kiss on her lips, which in turn brings a smile to her face.

"Well that's good to know," she replies. "Maybe we could use this knowledge for later sessions."

I begin to imagine all the possibilities associated with the combination of my mistress mother and ass play as I lie next to her, giving her a brief hug of acceptance to let her know that I'm "ok" with whatever she decides to do to me in bed. As the thoughts continue to roll around in my mind, she rolls out from under the covers and rises from the bed, a little quicker than usual I notice. I admire her naked body as she strolls across the room and exits into the hallway. Another habit that we have developed is to not wear any clothes around the house, but simply exist in the nude. You'd be amazed how erotic everything feels on your naked skin, with each fabric and material sending different signals.

A couple of weeks pass by since our talk about anal sex, and with each sexual encounter I notice that my mistress mother makes it a habit to continue to probe my anus. In fact, we had one encounter where the only thing she did was play with my ass. She put on a pair of latex gloves, laid me on my back as she kneeled between my legs, spread my cheeks, washed my anus, then licked my ass with her tongue and probed me with her fingers. I came all over my chest in a matter of seconds izmir escort bayan without her ever having to mount me, not realizing that anal sex could arouse me so quickly and intensely. She almost has become infatuated with giving me anal sex over these two weeks, all to my erotic satisfaction I might add. One night, our eroticism hit a crescendo.

"Hey Chris," I heard her say from the bedroom with a very sexual and inviting tone, "I have a surprise for you."

Having just finished cleaning up my dishes in the kitchen, I excitedly made my way back to the bedroom, completely in the nude, of course. When I enter the doorway, I see my mom lying naked on the bed with a towel spread out on my side. Her gorgeous naked body still arouses me with but a look, even after having seen her walk around the house in the nude all these past weeks. She has a playfully wicked smile on her face, and I could tell she has some mischievous encounter planned for us tonight.

"Come lay down," she purrs as she pats the towel spread out on my side with her hand. Not wanting to waste time, I stroll over to my side of the bed and lay on the towel like a good boy, lying on my back and watching as my cock starts to swell ever so slightly with the anticipation of the encounter. Looking acceptingly at me, my mother rises from the bed and walks into the master bathroom out of sight to the displeasure of my hungry gaze. I hear her open a drawer and rustle around for a few minutes, not recognizing the sounds of her preparation other than that of her putting on the latex gloves, which only leaves me in erotic suspense.

"Alright, close your eyes," she finally commands as she's ready to exit the bathroom. "And no peeking!" She states sternly with more of a mistress' authority than that of my loving mother. I willfully comply as I squeeze my eyes shut, unable to prevent the smile of anxious anticipation from growing on my face, nor prevent the ever-growing erection from happening down below.

With my eyes shut, I hear her walk across the room towards the door, then notice what little light that had been able to penetrate my closed eyelids disappear as she turns off the lights. She walks back over to her side of the bed, and I feel the bed lower as she lays on it. She makes her way over to where I am anxiously awaiting her surprise, my cock now bouncing to the beat of my heart, and she places her hand upon my lower leg. The feeling of the latex glove sends shivers up my spine, and the signal for another anal sex session begins to register in my head.

Gently she begins to spread my legs and bend them at the knees with her gloved hands, leaving me in the preparatory position with which I am all too familiar. I feel her slide a hand under my butt to signal me to lift it up, which I quickly and acceptingly do, upon which she then slides a pillow underneath. I am now lying on my back with my legs spread and knees bent and my butt elevated with a bed pillow, and the slow purposeful motions of my mistress mother already has my heart beat slightly increasing.

Then I hear an uncommon but recognizable sound. It is the sound of a bottle being opened, like the sound made when someone opens the top of a tube of sunscreen lotion. There is silence for about a second, then I feel my mother's hot lips caress the shaft of my cock. The warm feeling of mom's lips on my penis always causes me to lose my breath for a second, and she begins to run her tongue along the base of my manhood. As I'm enjoying that feeling, I then feel something cold pressed against my anus. It's my mother's fingers, izmir escort and they're spreading something across my anal opening. It feels cold and smooth as she lathers it on, and then as she presses one of her gloved fingers into my ass, she takes the end of my cock into her mouth. It takes all my willpower not to explode at that moment, which she apparently senses as she releases my penis and pulls her finger out of my ass.

"I'm just rubbing some lotion on you," she tenderly says, reminding me of my childhood days when mom used to take care of me. "Just try and relax." With that, she once again applies some more lotion to my anus, but this time she seems to put two fingers into my ass. The feeling of mom's gloved fingers spreading lotion in my anus causes me to moan with pleasure.

"Oh mom," I whisper in complete erotic rapture, "I love you so much." I hear her chuckle at my words as she continues to slowly rub her fingers in and out of my ass, once again kissing the base of my cock to let me know that the feeling is mutual.

A few more sensual seconds pass, and she pulls her lips away from my cock as she also pulls her fingers out of my anal opening, and I hear the sound of more lotion being squirted from the bottle. I then hear the sound of her gloved hands spreading the lotion around something, but she's not spreading it anywhere on me that I could tell. After a few seconds, I hear her remove the gloves, snapping each one as they release from her hand. This is slightly different from our past anal sex encounters in that she usually leaves the gloves on as she fingers me. What could she possibly have in mind now?

I feel her hands press against the underside of my knees as she pushes my legs up and back so that my thighs are now against my chest, leaving my legs spread and feet pointing towards the ceiling. Slowly she begins to move between my spread legs and take a position on top of me, her hands still pressing my legs against my chest. She moves her lips next to my ears and seductively whispers, "Do you love me?"

"Yes," I stammer in reply, almost begging her to take me.

"Do you trust me?" She then asks. The very question rings through my head and causes my heart to race with excitement.

"Of course I trust you, mommy." I reply in an almost childlike fashion. I am a young man lying on his back, naked, with his legs spread and his naked mother mounting him with erotic and sexual tendencies - and in this position I am reminded of who is in control: my mistress mother.

She places a warm kiss on my cheek as she releases one of her hands from my legs and moves it down below. She begins to slowly reposition herself, and that's when I feel it. It's not the feeling of a finger, but something much firmer, smoother, and larger pressing against my anus. I feel it as it slowly slips its way past my anal opening, and that's when I realize that my mother is wearing a strapon! As she slowly presses the head of her smooth, thin dildo into my ass, it begins to fill me up in both a physical and erotic sense. Having successfully guided the head of the slender dildo into me, she places both hands firmly on the bed next to my shoulders, using her arms to brace my legs against my chest as she brings her lips up to mine and starts to kiss me. I open my mouth to accept my mother's tongue joyfully as she uses her hips to continue slowly inserting her dildo into my anus.

I'm completely lost in the euphoric thought of my mom pegging me as she slowly presses the fake cock deeper into me, and as she uncontrollably lashes my mouth with her tongue, I can escort izmir feel her hips pressing against my ass, revealing to me that the dildo is all the way inside of me. She holds her hips there for a few seconds with her toy cock fully rammed inside of my ass as we enjoy one another's tongues, a mother reversing the sexual roles with her son. It's then that I realize that I have been moaning like a little girl from the joy of being penetrated, having wrapped my arms around mom as she continues to passionately kiss me.

Breaking from the kiss to catch her breath, mom slowly begins to pull the strapon out ever so slightly, then pushing it back in. "How does that feel?" She asks me seductively. I don't answer her, but rather I reach down and grab her ass in my hands and pull her back into me. Recognizing my response as a sexual green light, mom begins to lightly pump her dildo in and out of my ass as we once again engage in a lovers' kiss - my hands grabbing her naked ass and guiding her hips.

She slowly begins to speed up her thrusting to my delight, and I can feel the heat of mom's body emanating onto mine. The feeling of the miniature strapon thrusting in and out of my ass is too much for me to take, as I stop kissing mom in order to let out moans and squeals of joy. Eventually mom begins to moan with me as she continues to press her toy in and out of my anus, continuing to press my legs to my chest, using me as her little boy toy.

We both begin to breathe louder and heavier as our sexual moans run together, and I can feel my heart racing and my cock throbbing as mom begins to quickly pound her dildo into me. I squeal out in joy as she kisses my open mouth, although I'm too enraptured to return her kisses.

"Ohhh mom!" I squeal amidst her kissing lips. "I love you, I love you,..." I repeat the phrase over and over again in a cry of ecstasy as she rapidly pumps her hips against my ass.

"Oh baby," she shouts out, "mommy is going to come. Chris...CHRIS!" As she screams out my name in ecstasy, I feel her hips jar against my ass, her dildo forcefully rammed inside of me as she begins to experience a most intense orgasm. As if on cue, I cry out in joy as I feel all the juices in my manhood come shooting out onto both my chest and my mother's breasts as we firmly embrace each other in an orgasmic union. "Yessss!!"

My cry only prolongs my mother's orgasm, as I feel her begin to shake all over, her body paralyzed by the release of pleasure that has overcome her. Finally she returns to her senses and places an affectionate kiss on my lips. "How was it?" She asks.

"Mom," I reply breathlessly, "that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life."

As she pulls her dildo out of my anus, she releases my legs and brings her arms to rest beside my head, lying passionately on top of me. I wrap my legs around her waist and hold her in my arms as we descend from our sexual peak together. I contemplate what just happened, and with whom it has happened. My mother just took my anal virginity, and as I replay each scene over in my head, my love for mom continues to grow even deeper. As we lie here together, I begin to stroke my mother's hair in my hand and lose myself in my thoughts for several minutes.

"Mom," I say softly, "I love you so much."

Lifting her head, she whispers seductively in my ear, "Enough to do it again?" I don't answer her question verbally, but rather I release my legs from around her waist and place them back up against my chest, giving her the blatant signal that her little boy is ready for round two with his strapon mommy.

"Oh baby," she replies with seductive happiness as she presses her arms against my legs like before. "I love you so much, too." With that, we begin another round of a passionate mother and son encounter.
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