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Lads Holiday Chapter 2

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Lads Holiday Chapter 2After having some very erotic dreams that first night in the hotel, I wasrelieved to find that the next morning Charlie didn't mention anythingabout the blowjob i'd given him. He was totally cool and normal, and Irelaxed again and really started looking forward to the holiday. I didn'tget to catch up with my old mates that often so i'd been really lookingforward to it, and I knew these other guys would be a good laugh when weall got drunk.The flight out to Berlin was pretty choppy and we were all a bit shaken andout of it by the time we got in to Berlin airport.It was about lunchtime by the time we finally got ourselves to the hotel,and it turned out that Dan had booked us two rooms of four people. Westood in the lobby for a few minutes, everybody looked drained andcurrently incapable of making a decision even as easy as who should go inwhich rooms. Charlie was quickest to speak."How bout me, Fowls and Pete kip with Ste" he suggested. "We've alreadyshared a room you know, so it makes sense".He said it with authority, and everybody nodded along, having no reason todisagree."That cool with you Ste?" Dan asked. "I mean it's only for sleepinganyway, so doesn't really matter right?"I felt slightly uneasy, but like he said, it didn't make much difference,so I just nodded. "Yeah, that's cool".We all agreed to go to our rooms for a nap and chillout after the longjourney and agreed to meet up again in an hour or so. We got into the roomand all chose our bed. I was on the bottom bunk on the left and Charlie onthe bottom bunk on the right. The other two were above us.When we got in, Charlie and Pete relaxed over on the lower bunk onCharlie's side, Fowler and me stayed on my bed, and we all just lay back.I couldn't take a nap, with Fowler on the bed too, so just sat there. Theystarted talking about the girls they'd been chasing the night before, andleft nothing to the imagination in the descriptions. I was pretty muchleft out of this conversation, so I decided to go and take a shower in theensuite.The shower was hot and awesome. There was no lock on the door and Iworried for a few minutes they might come in and start getting pics of menaked or something, but it never happened. I felt really refreshedafterwards and dried myself down, put my clothes back on and walked backout into the room. Fowls had moved off my bed now, and was sitting on theother side of Charlie. They were all looking at something funny on hisphone.I walked across to my stuff and d****d my towel over the end of the bed tolet it dry."What you guys looking at?" I asked, trying to enter the conversationfinally.Charlie looked up. "Ah, nothin much. Just showing them the picture I tookof our little escapade last night". He gave me a wink and, the other twolaughed again.The colour dropped from my face. I tried to work out if he could betalking about what I though he was talking about"What?" I said, trying to sound casual, in case he was just teasing, and Iwalked across to look at the screen. Charlie wasn't worried and turned toshow it to me. I saw the photo on the screen clearly showing my face withhis dick deep inside my mouth.My dick twinged slightly seeing it, but I was thinking more about the othertwo guys. I couldn't even find the words.Charlie cut in before I could speak and vent my anger. "Chill dude. Thesetwo won't say anything to the others. Don't worry, your mates aren't gonnaknow. It's just us Brighton boys. And c'mon, it's not like we haven'tseen cocksuckers before in Brighton. So you like sucking dick, big deal".I looked at the others and they were nodding, looking genuine."It's cool man, seriously" Fowls said reassuringly.I looked at them each for a couple of seconds then just shrugged. "Ok,whatever then" I said. I didn't feel great about this, but it was donenow, and they seemed cool about it, so there was nothing to do reallyexcept carry on.I turned and headed back to my stuff and started pulling a couple of thingsout off my bag to start unpacking.I heard somebody get up behind me and start walking across, I glanced roundand Fowler was approaching, and had his hand cupped on his crotch and wasadjusting it."Actually Ste" he said, "Dude, I could really do with unloading right nowtoo".I turned and stood up, getting ready to protest. Before I knew it he wasright up to me, and looking me firmly in the eyes. He still had one handon his crotch and the other moved up towards the back of my neck. I'draised my hands up to his chest to stop him getting closer and was about totell him to back off, but then his hand took a firm grip on the back of myneck, and I paused.His tongue flicked across and licked his lips. "Kneel for me boy" he said.Up to this point Fowls had seemed the most chilled out of the three ofthem, and I thought he seemed ok. But now to see the a****l in his eyesactually really turned me on. He was hot, and I felt wanted and needed. Idecided I wanted to obey. I shrugged off my protestation and dropped downto my knees, immediately unbuttoning him.I slid down his pants just far enough and pulled out his hot dick, almostfully hard now. He moaned reacting to my touch and kept his right handfirmly on my neck. I got to work.I heard other footsteps coming across and saw Charlie out the corner of myeye."You're gonna want some holiday snaps of this right Fowls?" I heard himsay, but I didn't care. Fowler's dick was big and warm in my mouth, and Iwas rock hard in my own pants. I was loving bouncing up and down on it,and I was loving the response from his body and his moans as I sucked him.Charlie had only taken a couple of pictures judging by the number ofclicking noises i'd heard, but he was still sitting on my bed now andwatching closely."Fuck" he said, "it's amazing watching someone who actually knows how tosuck dick. We should bring this cocksucker down to Brighton some time andlet him give lessons to the girls down there on how to service a man.""Fuck. Yeah. Man" Fowler panted, and I could feel in his dick that he wasgetting close.I was starting to enjoy the attention and the praise. I worked harder totake his dick as deep as I could and make him feel incredible. I wanted sobad to be his best blowjob.Fowler could obviously feel how much I was trying to please him, and hewanted to work it. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back off his dick."Fuck yeah, beg for my dick bitch" he ordered, looking down at me almostfiercely now.I happily obliged. I was so in the moment. So fucking horny for his dick.I almost stumbled over the words just trying to say it quick enough."I love your dick man, please let me suck it good".Fowler pulled me back on and thrust his dick deep."Make him call you Sir" Charlie said. "Bitch fucking loves that" he saidlaughing.I flushed a little but didn't care. Fowls liked the sound of it though.He dragged me out by the hair again."Well?""Please Sir, please let me suck your awesome dick".He looked at me considering it. "No bitch. You can kiss my balls first".I could hear Charlie laughing, and presumably Pete too. I was relieved atleast that there had been no more pictures of this."Alright boy, you can suck my dick again now" he said after a couple ofminutes, "but only if you promise you're gonna let me nut deep down yourbitch throat and you're gonna swallow every drop, alright?"`Yes sir, i always swallow sir' I said, without even thinking, and I heardthe others laughing again. Then that big dick slid back down my tongueagain to the back of my throat.Fowler pulled me in and fucked my face hard before shooting his massiveload deep in my throat."Fuck yeah fag, choke on that man dick' he grunted out.I heard Charlie's voice again. "Fuck Fowls, you proper now how to work aboy" he said laughing. "I'm gonna have to play this back for you latermate".Fowler was still slowly finishing his orgasm and holding tight onto me. Itwas only when he pulled out and let my head free that Charlie's wordsregistered. He'd been filming the whole thing. I looked and saw his phonestaring at me, and then across to Pete on the other bed who was justsitting there and smiling smugly.I didn't say anything, but I knew I had a bad feeling about this.After Fowler buckled back up, Charlie suggested we all get a quick napbefore meeting up with the others, and I was happy to agree with that. Ineeded some time to get my head together again.It was late afternoon when we met up with the others again. Charlie andthe others were being cool again and seemed to have totally forgotten whatjust happened. Charlie made some comment about me being an awesomeroommate, and the others looked pleased that we seemed to be getting on ok.We all grabbed a beer at some bar out in the sunshine, and as everyonedrunk, there was laddish story after laddish story told, and everyone waslaughing. Charlie, as usual it seemed, was at the centre of attention. Hewas in the middle of a story about some crazy night out when they weredressed as action heroes in tight spandex suits, but interrupted it when hesaw everyone's glasses were geting empty."Anyone want another here?" he said, and everybody nodded. He pulled out a50 Euro note and passed it to me."Ste, can you go get this one, i'm just in the middle of the story". Thenhe returned to the story. I felt a bit embarassed, but he did it socasually and everyone had had a drink already, so nobody seemed to notice.Figuring that it wasn't worth making a scene, I just went across andfetched Charlie's round.Later in the evening, we'd all been for a mixed grill dinner, and were backin the bars, and Charlie was now telling everyone about his year inAmerica. He and Pete had both been out in America for a year as part oftheir degree course. At one point he started talking about how it was forgay guys out there."Ste, dude, you would not have liked it over there" he was saying to thegroup. "Man, it is stupidly homophobic in some places".Pete agreed. "Seriously, fag bashing, as they call it, is a proper issueover there". As I listened to their words, I thought it sounded terrible,but to look at both of their faces, they didn't look overly bothered aboutit."Man, yeah" Charlie said and leaned across to me. "We wouldn't want anyonebashing our favourite fag" he said laughing and giving me a man hug.Everyone laughed along, and I seemed to be the only one to feeluncomfortable that he'd just called me fag for the first time in front ofeveryone. And it wasn't going to be the last time.
04-15-2021, at 01:32 PM

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