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Michelle's Big Surprise Part 3

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Michelle's Big Surprise Part 3Michelle's surprise 3This next part takes place the following night.Here is what happened in my next dream.It's a week later and My sister Vanessa came to town to see me as it is Her birthday this weekend.We are watching a movie when the phone rings."Hello Claudia it is great to hear from you how are you"I asked."I am very good and very horny are you alone My friend Jasmine and Maxine are very horny as well.Are you up for some hot action baby"Claudia replies."Yes it would be a nice suprise for my sister Vanessa you all can fuck her as well come on over.It will be a 41st birthday she won't ever forget"I replied."Hola Baby we will be there in 10 minutes we are at a bar near by"Claudia replies."See you soon"I replied back."Who was that and why are they coming"Vanesa asked.Just then the door bell rang so I got up off the couch.I am wearing a blue t-shirt no bra or pantie and pajama pants as I was planing to going to bed soon.Vanessa is wearing a pink halter top and yoga pants no bra or panties.I answered the door and let Claudia in she is wearing a a green dress with pantyhose and high heel shoes.Jasmine followed her in wearing a hot pink leather pants and a black blouse with long sleeves.Francine followed her inside wearing beige slacks and a white halter top."Vanessa this my special friends Claudia,Jasmine and Francine.In a few minutes you will see why they are so special."I say to Vanessa."Oh really how so"Vanessa replies.Claudia takes Vanessa by the hand as I take Jasmine and Francine by their hands and lead them to my bedroom.Claudia removes her dress then her bra.Vanessa strips naked as do I.Jasmine takes of her top and her bra as I pulled down her pants and pulled down her panties."Holy shit Jasmine has a fucking dick what the bursa escort fuck"Vanessa says with shock.I got on my knees and started sucking her cock as I finger my pussy."Vanessa I have a suprise for you"Claudia says as she pulls down her pantyhose.Before Vanessa can say a word claudia shoves her monster 13 inches in her mouth.Vanessa sucks her as deep as she can using her hands on the remaining length of Claudia's cock.Francine removed her clothes and started stroking her big 10 inch cock.She walked over to Vanessa as her cock was now hard.She put on a Magnum xl condom and and laid down on my bed.I walked over and got on the bed.I lowered my pussy down Francine's massive cock.Claudia had Vanessa lay on her back and she spread her legs and started eating her pussy While Vanessa sucks off Jasmine's cock.I handed Claudia A magnum xl.She put it on her cock.She slowly entered her monster she cock inside Vanessa's pussy.She yelped as Claudia went deeper inside her tight pussy.Jasmine all hard came behind me and inserted her cock in my ass as I rode Francine's cock.She fucked me deep in my ass hard as Francine fucked my pussy.Vanessa and I moaned in pleasure as we were getting fucked like we never had before.I had a massive orgasm and blasted my cum from my pussy all over Jasmine and Francine.Jasmine pulled out and started shooting a massive load all over my ass and back shot after shot my back was covered in cum.Still hard Jasmine put on a rubber and laid down.Claudia pulled out of Vanessa's pussy and entered my ass with her monster 13 inches.Jasmine turned Vanessa over on her stomach so she could get on all 4s.Jasmine then put on a fresh rubber and entered her cock slowly in Vanessa well fucked pussy.Vanessa moaned im pleasure as Jasmine fucked her pussy hard bursa escort bayan and fast causing Vanessa to have 2 squirting orgasms one after the other soaking Jasmine and my bed.Claudia was fucking my ass when to my suprise Mark opened my bedroom door.His face turned red.I thought he was gonna go ballistic but I saw that he had a instant hard on.He stripped naked and went over to Vanessa.She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off."I want you to fuck her ass while she gets it from Jasmine.Please do that for me baby"I say to Mark.He did as I asked.Jasmine pulled out of Vanessa and laid down on her back Vanessa slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy down Jasmine's cock."What are you waiting for Mark come fuck my ass.Don't worry I can handle that big cock in my ass.Just use some lube please"Vanessa says.Mark slowly enters his big cock inside Vanessa.She shrieked in pleasure as he slowly fucks her ass.What an amazing site seeing my boyfriend fucking my sister in her ass while getting fucked by Jasmines she-cock.I am in total bliss as well being fucked good by Francine's and Claudia's massive she cocks.I start to have A major orgasm blasting all Over Claudia and Francine's crotches. Claudia pulls out of my ass and starts shooting a massive load all over my ass and back.She covered my back with so much cum that my whole back was now white.Mark then pulled out of Vanessa and took Claudia's place in my gaping ass.Claudia went and sat in a chair next to my bed.Vanessa got off of Jasmine's cock as her she-cock was gonna explode.Vanessa laid down on her back as Jasmine shot her massive load all over her face covering her face completely in cum.Francine then announced that she was going to cum so Mark pulled out of my ass so I could get off of Francine's escort bursa cock and she told me to lay down on my back as she wanted to shoot all over my face and tits.I did as she asked.Mark came over and entered his cock in my gaping soaking wet pussy.Francine stroked her big she-cock and came all over my tits covering them in her sticky sweet gooey cum and she even came in my mouth it tasted salty sweet and tangy.Mark was pounding my pussy with reckless abandon and soon shot his load deep in my already soaked pussy causing me to have a big massive super blasting orgasm of my own.Claudia got cleaned up and so did Francine and Jasmine.They then got dressed quickly."Thank you so much you were amazing again Miss Michelle and It was Great meeting you Miss Vanessa"Claudia says."Yeah I had the time of my life never been fucked like that in my life that was a great birthday present.Thank you Claudia, Jasmine and Francine.But most of all thank you s*s.And Mark you were great too thanks."Vanessa says.Francine and Jasmine went and kissed Vanessa deeply then left as Claudia kissed me and Vanessa deeply.Mark shook their hands."Thank you Mark for letting us share Miss Michelle"Claudia says."No problem was kinda mad at first but got turned on its all good Chelle is a free spirit and I want her to be happy."Mark replies.Claudia leaves and Mark went and locked the door.Vanessa went and took a shower in my big bathroom as Mark and I went and showered in the bath stall in next to my bedroom.Mark and I got dried off and wet back to My bedroom Vanessa helped us change the sheets and and then we all laid down.Mark laid down in the middle of the bed and Vanessa laid on his left putting her head on his chest.So I laid down on his right and laid my head on his chest as well.I woke up covered in sweat.Vanessa Came in my room and I told her about my crazy dream and that she was in it this time along with Mark."Michelle I love you s*s but you sure have some crazy fucking dreams!"Vanessa says.!!!The End?
10-29-2021, at 06:39 PM

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