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Switching Teams Now a Lesbian

Post #1

Switching Teams Now a LesbianNow everyone looks at porn. Even if they don't admit it, girls do too. I started questioning myself as a red-blooded American girl, right around the time of my junior year of college. My taste in men was slowly worsening, and I began to lose my faith in them being able to satisfy me sexually at all. All college guys want from a girl is a one night stand, and to get off.I started craving my own sexual pleasure much more than I used to. I used to enjoy giving just as much as getting, but my sex drive became suddenly uncontrollable. I started masturbating and looking at porn daily. But the more I experimented with my body, the more I became interested in other women's bodies.I stopped looking at couples porn altogether, and came harder when I watched either girls masturbating alone, or two girls together. This really started to freak me out. I had always been so attracted to men before. Even the sight of a cute boy on campus or shirtless in the gym could make me wet and hungry. All in all, I was confused.I knew there was a problem when living with my two very attractive female roommates became an erotic experience. Seeing them wearing nothing but towels around the apartment, and sometimes little skimpy underwear, became a constant struggle for maintaining a friendship only outlook.I am of average build, slightly on the athletic side, very curvaceous and exotic looking, long dark hair, green eyes. Both of my roommates have the typical petite model thin bodies, with blondish hair and blue eyes. The worse part of being confused about my sexual orientation is having a bisexual for a good friend.Her name is Jaclyn. We became friends instantly after meeting. We were both very tom-boyish, interested in sports instead of girly things, like action movies, listen to punk music, and have motorcycles.When I first found out she liked both sexes, it was from my roommate, not from her mouth. Of course, it didn't bother me at the time, because I was fully in a relationship with a football player from our school team, but now it intrigued me. My intrigue soon got the best of me.My roommates and I got dressed that Friday night for the party of the semester. We achieved the name from previous parties as the three coochies, because we liked to dress similar and arrive all together. Tonight we all wore little mini skirts and tube tops, amply displaying all the goods.Right away Jaclyn comes over to greet me, puts a drink in my hand, and takes me to introduce her friend Jason. He immediately pulls me into his lap, and Jaclyn playfully sat on the other knee. She smiled coyly at me. The drink I was given takes effect pretty fast, and soon me and Jaclyn are up doing shots with the other boys at the bar."Take a shot off each other," Jason yells, and the other boys join in. Jaclyn places the shot glass in my cleavage and I bite onto the lime completely unaware of the fact of what is about to happen. Now we have done shots off each other before but usually completely as friends. When she licked the salt off my neck then dove into my breasts, all I could do was kiss back when she went for the lime.With the lime still in place she snaked her tongue out and found mine. They danced back and forth with each other before she pulled away and gave me a knowing look. Frightened, I staggered back and laughingly shouted over my shoulder, very unladylike,"I gotta break the seal for the night and pee," It was so noisy that no one noticed I had said anything....except Jaclyn. Completely drunk, I weaved back and forth down the darkened hallway to the bathroom. Just as I was about to fall Jaclyn took my arm and helped me the rest of the way. She closed the door behind us and helped me into the second division of the bathroom and closed that door."Thanks, Jac," I said sweetly. "I'm a little drunk." "Me too," she huskily whispered. "What? Are you gonna stand there and watch while I pee or what?" I laughingly shouted. "Yes," She said succinctly. "Whatever," I joked, "Well, you better take a seat and grab some popcorn cause I'm about to explode." She didn't reply, only sat on the ceramic floor about two feet from the toilet facing me with a serious expression.I pulled up my skirt and down my thong panties right in front of her peering eyes. I didn't even realize what was going on until I had finished. She had pulled her knees up to her chin and spread them open so I had a perfect view of her panty clad pussy from where I was sitting.I couldn't take my eyes off it now. The sides of her lips were just hanging out, showing she was completely shaven, like me. There was a little wet spot forming and I didn't know it, but I licked my lips. She stood, dropping her loose skirt around her ankles, and pulled up her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, and two large beautiful breasts fell out.The areolas were large and bright pink, with large red nipples directly in the center pointing right at me. "Something has changed, I know you are feeling differently towards me now. If you want to continue just reach out to me, if not, then pull up your panties," she growled. My hand reached out and touched her breast. That was all the answer she needed. She stood me up, walked me into the sinks and lifted me onto the counter.She pulled down her own little thong, and proceeded to lift up my tube top. It wasn't long before my breasts spilled out and she stood back to admire it all. My legs were now spread on either side of the sink rim, and I wore nothing but my heeled shoes. She smiled very brightly, and got an interesting look on her face. At this point I was so ready, I didn't care where it came from.She knelt down in between my legs and parted my lips. She was just studying my pussy, as though she needed to memorize it for a midterm. Her fingers exploring my folds sent keen feelings straight up my spine, and I arched my back. The smell of sex was already intoxicating.She straddled me on the counter and took one breast into her mouth, flicking her tongue very fast over the nipple. Our pelvises met at that point and she started to rub herself against me. The sensation was amazing. I couldn't control the fact that I started gyrating back. We humped uncontrollably then, and she kissed up my neck and found my mouth. Nibbling on my lips, we kissed and moans escaped both of us as we rocked back and forth humping each other.Just when I though I was about to cum, she hopped off of me and started licking her way up from my ankles. I grasped the edge of the counter when she made contact with my pussy. First she just licked softly up and down as though it were a lollipop. Then using her hand she placed a finger on either side of my pussy, and pulled my outer lips slowly apart."You are so wet, you are actually dripping on the floor, that could be considered a party foul," She hummed with her mouth touching my inner flesh.With that she stood again leaving me gasping. Then she disappeared into the separated room again. She returned with a shampoo bottle and without two seconds thought, she shoved it into my gaping cunt. It went in quite easily, since I was so wet and ready. She marveled at the sounds it made though. Licking her lips at the squishing sounds it made as she pumped me with it.While she was busy standing to the side of me fucking my pussy with the bottle, I managed to pull her closer and started to play with her large nipples. They looked so inviting; I sat up to suck on one. They must have been really sensitive because she moaned at that. I then stuck a finger in between her legs and she lost control.While still managing to fuck me with all she was worth with her makeshift dildo, she hopped onto the counter and shifted herself into the doggie-style position, so that I was staring straight at her crack with her pussy winking at me from below. It was a beautiful sight, much better than the girls in the porn."Eat me please," she moaned.She leaned down and started tonguing my clit and I dove into her pussy from behind, in an extreme 69. I loved the taste of her. I knew exactly what I was from that moment on. I liked the feel of touching another women, but I also liked the taste of pussy but I did like a cock in my pussy. Was I lesbian was I bisexual? We fucked each other in this position for some time until I was cumming like a freight train. Over and over she continued to pump me.I was still at a loss for why I couldn't make her cum. I know she was enjoying it, but there was something missing. I already had 3 fingers in her, but there was much more room for more. So, gently I put in another, she really responded to this, by pushing back towards me with her whole body.I pushed in another finger. She was really stretched at this point, with all my fingers in her. But she responded by pushing back harder. So I had no choice but to continue to drive my fingers in. I had never felt anything like this before she was pushing back hard onto my fist, and it suddenly slipped in.With a scream, she came and it squirted all down her stomach. I greedily tried to capture some in my mouth. It was wonderful. I had my best friend licking and fucking my pussy while she straddled me and clenched my entire fist in her beautiful, warm, tasty cunt. This was the beginning of a very satisfying relationship with women. I don't miss men's cocks as my new lesbian lovers fuck me better with strapon's than any man.
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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