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Cheating not cheating pt 2

Post #1

Cheating not cheating pt 2Suddenly we hear a noise at his hotel door, it's one of his fellow stag mates! I lie back wondering what to do but I am in the moment and don't make any effort to cover myself as his mate stumbles into the room throwing his keycard to one side, he's very drunk. He looks at me straight away and eyes are on my exposed pussy glistening wet as it catches in the light and my erect nipples. He comes over and smiles at his friend who also doesn't know what to do or say. Two guys with hard ons, I think to myself. His friend, although drunk, was pretty hot, short brown hair, slim figure. 'You want me?' I casually slip out, at this point it feels so wrong but the guilt is buried. Why not take two cocks instead of one? He nods, still smiling and probably thinks it's a dream. I sit up and undo his belt as he takes off his top. Pulling down his jeans he looks a good size. I take his dick out as it hardens more and start working the head in determination. He reaches down and in between my legs as my previous stag reaches around and massages my petite breasts, kneading my nipples, I moan loudly with the guys dick in my mouth. He fingers me and rubs the wet pussy juices up past my clit and all over my mound... As I moan louder, the first stag comes around and puts his cock in my mouth as he takes his turn, it's so hard, its pulsating. I feel another climax building but suddenly feel two rough fingers pushing into my asshole and it hurts and makes me jolt. The guys stop and look at me and I?m a bit angry. Just then, stag person three stumbles in, looking at us three, drunker than anyone else was at that point, he'd lost his stupid dress and was in a t-shirt and jeans. Angry with the two other guys and what had just happened moments before, I invite him over with my finger 'hey there sexy, come over here' he says to his two other friends 'you guys got a stripper? No? What is going on?' I laugh when he says this. He can't quite believe his luck. I get him to sit on the bed and then I straddle him. Running my hands through his long black hair as my tits are nuzzled in his face, he gets an eye full. I also grind at his crotch, mainly to get rid of the saliva that's all over my cunt at that point and deliberately snail trail his jeans, running my lips down each leg and leaving a wet trail each time. He is in awe of my body, I do a sexy dance and show him everything by twerking my ass up in his face with my hands on the floor, he cups my breasts when I come back up and starts to suck on my little nipples, ensuring they both get a bit of attention as I jiggle them in his face. The other two are wanking away to themselves, one is filming the dance no doubt to show his friends later. 'I'm the groom' he comes out with, 'good' I reply, as I undo his belt and unbuckle his jeans. I whip out his hard cock. It's veiny but his hair is well kept, trim, he has a nine inch cock. I look up at him 'your last night of freedom' and then begin working his shaft and shaved balls with my tongue. It's like velvet, so smooth, I suck his balls taking one at a time in my mouth. Licking up the shaft to his slit - my hand milks his shaft and forces out some pre-cum. I lick it up, it's sweet tasting. I go up and kiss him with my tongue probing his in the sloppiest of French kisses. Still getting over what happened earlier, I get some revenge, stag number two is coaxed over and I put one leg on the bed and gesture the groom to kiss up my thighs towards my pussy which he obliges to. I turn to look at the other guys faces as he does this, they look at each other and back at me. I guide the second stag down to my ass and tell him to 'lick it' he hesitates and I say 'that's a demand not a request, LICK. IT' I spread my cheeks with my hands to give him better access. So the groom is licking my fanny from the front, sucking my clit in his mouth, licking my labia lips trying to reach through to my wet, sticky hole, he seems to be enjoying it. We're all drunk, remember. The second groom is licking my asshole and between my cheeks. It feels incredible, I beckon over my first stag catch of the night and kiss him whilst wanking him off some more, he must be close surely? My clit is sucked on some more and is red and plump for all the attention it's had so far this evening. The 2nd guy licks my anus and tongues it, trying to get inside, he's really getting into it now, it feels so good. I moan and have another climax where I guide the grooms fingers into my wet hole so he can feel my orgasm as it spasms, I'm so wet that I can feel it trickle slowly down my leg. The groom has no idea what went down before he arrived, I want a cock in my pussy, actually no, I want two. I take my leg off the bed and tell the two guys who'd been servicing my tender bits to 'fuck me hard' the groom slips his cock into my sloppy pussy as I get on to all fours and the 2nd stag slips his cock into my tight anus above us as the bed creaks . They are fucking me at the same time in my cunt and ass. I drink a shot of vodka that stag guy number 1, my original date gives to me as I get fucked, he has one too and he brings his cock up to my lips and I start to suck on it eagerly. I want his cum in my mouth. I work his shaft and cup his balls and he cums hard in my mouth, his seed hitting the back of my throat, I continue to milk him dry and play with his cum in my mouth, letting it drip out all over my breasts and down my belly before swallowing the rest.I stand up and rub the cum over my tits and over my shaved, neat mound and I crouch down as the other two guys come up next to me. I begin sucking off the groom who was in my pussy moments before, whilst wanking off the other guy. I am so drunk and possessed by the scene taking place, loving every second. I turn my attention to stag number two, sucking on his balls and working his shaft, he?s been up my ass but I know it?s clean. I don?t care anymore as I lick his wet, musky dick and push it further into my mouth, he?s circumcised and I feel his orgasm reach its peak, I open my mouth to receive his seed. He moans and tilts his head back aiming his cock at my mouth as the first spurt lands on my chin, followed by the second, third, in my mouth and all over my face. At least he missed my eyes, I thought. I play with his cum in my mouth, using my finger tips to swipe up his cum into my mouth whilst some of it lands on my chest, I massage it around my nipples. The first guy I was here for is hard again, so I stand up and put one leg on the bed, the groom is close to orgasm himself, I can tell as his face is all flustered. He slips his hard dick into my sloppy pussy whilst the newly hard-again fella goes into my asshole and he grabs my neck hard behind me and kisses my back, my holes must now both be quite red and swollen I imagine but pleasurable all the same. I get fucked hard and I cum really fast! I wish my jealous hubby was here all tied up so I could make him see how hot I really am and make him pay, but I get to act on this when I eventually get back home much later. The groom is reluctant to kiss me as I have had two loads in my mouth already that aren?t his, he is grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples hard which is satisfyingly painful for me. He is staring at them both and I feel a load of hot sticky cum released from his pulsating dick explode inside me which we both groan out in pleasure at. It doesn?t take long for stag number 1 to cum in my ass moments later and he moans loudly at this ?fuuuck...ahhh yess? and I dismount them both and lie on the bed next to the one we?ve all been fucking on. The groom comes over with his wet dick and I clean him up, sucking off our cum. He then sits on the chair and pours himself a drink. The other guys are lying down at opposite ends, minutes pass in a silent post-sex haze before stag 2 gets up and comes over to me, he has his phone out and is taking pictures standing over me whilst swaying from side to side (obviously drunk) ?I can?t believe it, you are so hot, is that a wedding ring?? I quickly look at my hand, shit I thought i?d taken it off! ?Yeah? So fuckin what? is my equally as drunken reply. He records a video of himself fingering my pussy which is leaking cum on the bed as he pushes three fingers in. I lie back and close my eyes and lightly work my nipples with my hands. I may be able to cum again. He takes some photos and puts his phone on the floor and then he comes close to me and starts kissing me, which is kind of unexpected but nice, he has soft lips and a longer tongue and we exchange our tongues, he slips his hard again dick inside me and I moan out in ecstasy - his uncut dick is the biggest of the three and is deep inside me. I start whispering in his ear ?cum inside my dirty cunt? which makes him thrust in harder and deeper. His rock hard member was in my ass not so long ago but again I don?t care, I want to feel him cum inside me. The other two are making approving noises, drinking yet more shots and filming us and taking photos. I bet their phones will be full of dirty content to keep them occupied over the next few weeks! He cums at the same time as me and I can feel his cum leak out as he withdraws his veiny hard cock. The groom comes over to me and without a moments thought, gets me up on all fours, turning me around and he jacks off over my ass and slaps me hard a few times. I feel his hot sticky semen jets on my stinging cheeks moments later. This is the last of our filthy escapades. We all collapse on the two beds, myself with the groom who lies on his side and the other two opposite each other. I pass out not long after it appears they do to. I?m also the first to wake up, about 3.30am, panic strikes me first, guilt second, the fact I?m still drunk thirdly. I decide to get out of there so I grab my stuff and go to the bathroom. I?m a state when I look in the mirror, my make up has ran and my hair is out of place, with dried up cum in it. I try to make myself look presentable to any would be taxi. I ring one up who says he?ll be five minutes. I pop on my knickers, bra and jumpsuit and my high heels so I?m dressed. As I exit the bathroom I take a look at the scene and smile to myself, the guys are all out of it, mostly asleep. I leave the hotel room, head down the lift, there?s no one around now. I wait for the taxi, thoughts spinning, what to say, what to do, but I already have a plan in my mind. The taxi arrives, I get in and head home to the hubby... Part 3 coming soon...
05-05-2021, at 08:28 PM

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