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Sex on Creton1: Dr. Berol Burgess Begins

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Sex on Creton1: Dr. Berol Burgess BeginsMy exo-biologist BERYL BURGESS is so hot and desirable that she becomes a distractionI am Commander of an exploration team assigned to explore and document the planet of Cretonrecently discovered in orbit around CGS-29a - which is more commonly known as one of the main stars in the Virgo system.My team consists five other scientists and engineers and me. Dr. Beryl Burgess, who is a gorgeous blonde that every man on the team had the hots for, is only woman on my team. She has blue eyes a beautiful face, a great body. Her short, blonde military haircut is absolutely adorable - Beryl is the 'picture of perfection.' I find it difficult to keep my mind on my job. The way Carol moves and looksis simply arousing! Her body seems to say to my men's minds, ?I?m made to be fucked.We?d spent only six days on Creton when a violent thunderstorm hit. The accompanying lightning was raising havoc with our landing craft?s electrical systems and we were all fighting to keep things working. But even with all our efforts, most of the on-board electrical systems burned out and were rendered useless. The redundant systems were also blown, so we had no way to connect back with Central Command. But luckily Creton is an Earth-like planet. We could survive there as team of six easily for years with plenty of fresh water. Cretonic fruits and vegetables growing in abundance.Weeks passed before we all had to admit that we were stranded with no hope for rescue. We had toget our heads around the fact that we would be living the rest of our lives on Creton. So we set aboutbuilding accommodation using trees and other native resources. We started with simple log shelters with plans to build better homes later. There was plenty of time and no rush to get it done.We built Beryl?s hut first, then built two huts to accommodate two men each. As Commander I havemy own private hut. Things went well and life was good after that. There wasn?t much to do each day but to forage for food, and there was plenty of that. My thoughts were on Beryl and I?m sure the other men?s thoughts were as well. She was a fully qualified and valuable member of our team, so we all tried to think of her in those terms?Even though it was very hard to do.Then one night as we all prepared the evening meal, Beryl said, ?Guys, I?ve been thinking that since we?re all stranded here, that we need to address what?s on everyone?s mind. Sex!?All of the guys, including me, are taken aback and visibly shaken by her announcement.?Come on guys! I know you?re all horny and I am, too. Who among you is NOT horny??We all looked at each other rather sheepishly. She had read us like an open book ...?Come on guys! I know you?re all horny and I am, too. Who among you is NOT horny??We all looked at each other rather sheepishly. She had read us like an open book.?I thought so. So my proposal is this: I?ll accommodate each of you once a week. Monday morning after breakfast, you each will come to my hut for oral sex, i.e. a blowjob. That should take less than an hour. You can draw lots to see who goes first and second, etc. Then the following Monday you each can come to my hut for sex. Only in the doggy position. No kissing. That's non-negotiable. Another thing that is non-negotiable is romance. There'll be NO romance involvement or attachment. This sexual arrangement is purely for our psychological and physical stability. Understood??Then she looked at each of us for a positive response. All we could do then was to nod sheepishly.?Okay then. Since we?re all in agreement on this ?arrangement? we start tomorrow. Our first!.?All guys looked at each other taken totally by surprise by Beryl?s proposal yet obviously very excited.Tomorrow we would all be getting a blowjob from Beryl! I?m sure that all of us had cocks as hard as rocks at that moment. Then Beryl said, ?You know guys that girls get just as horny as you do. And you are especially lucky because I LOVE giving head. So, I?m looking forward to tomorrow as much as you are?maybe more.?------------------------------------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED, PROVIDED WE GET ENOUGH ENCOURAGING FEEDBACK FROM OUR READERS=========================================== ========================================COPYRIGHT CLAIM BY PROF POET PETER @ his 'AMOUR' ACADEMY, AMSTERDAM JULY 3rd 2020ALL RIGHTS AT PROFESSOR POET-PETER @ 'EXPERIMENTAL EROTIC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE'ALL OUR DEAR READER ARE ADVISED TO CHECK ALL COMMENTS AS WELL: BEST FROM BELOW
05-05-2021, at 08:28 PM

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