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My gurls

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My gurlsI paid my monthly visit to the foster home which housed the under 18 homeless, parent less c***dren from the area. I chuckled as I saw a line of cars outside the gate like it was end of term at a posh school. Except we weren?t parents and we were going to have to pay for our c***dren of choice. There was an air of excitement , like graduation, which in a way it was. As I reached the principal office, I saw guys leave with their fresh meat. A Muslim guy with two hot babes on each arm. He had groomed them for 5-6 years already such that they loved him. As 18 year olds they had taken the opportunity to dress like the adult whores they were about to become. Bare navels, with their tits visible below and above their minimal bras and their pierced nipples begging for attention. Each were wearing hot pants displaying their cameltoes( unusual in girls so young but then their cunts were more like 30 years old through usage, not to mention their assholes)When I got to the head of the queue the Principal greeted me warmly. I have been a customer of his for the past five years and over that time we had become close friends as he had become a customer of my business.? Hi there Tom, I have your little beauties ready for you.....,..I think you will appreciate the effort they have made?. With that two sexy little gurls came forward, unlike the stream of whores before them, my angels were dressed like prepubescent girls. Stockings, mini skirts, and tiny tshirts ( ok dressed like slutty prepubescent girls?). Except they were both boys. The each flipped up the front of their mini skirts so i could see their tiny cocks locked in pink cages, and then flipped up the back where i saw their asses filled with grotesquely large butt plugs. You see, I had struck a deal with the principal years ago to keep an eye out for his most effeminate boys. After I had met them and agreed a price , the principal put them on a d**gs regime to feminise them. In addition he would deliberately undernourish them so that they did not develop in a manly way. As a result I got what I wanted and needed, gorgeous little gurjls with budding breasts and shrivelled cocks. And finally they were completely legall to fuck. Eva and Mags came running up to me hugging me around the waist . I had worn a pair of baggy shorts especially for this moment. They saw my lengthening cock through my trousers as they had done many times . Eva snaked her had up my left trouser leg from behind and started massaging my balls, with her other hand she traced my cock as it lenghtened and expanded, until its head appeared just above my knee. Meanwhile Mags had snaked her hand up the back of my other shorts leg and had found my newly cleaned asshole. She pushed her hand past my sphincter which elicited a dribble of pre cum from my monster cock onto the floor.They looked up at me through their long curly hair, and asked ? can we do it here?? I looked to the principal who nodded towards a room nearby ?as long as you don?t mind company" with my gurls on either arm I went inside and saw what me meant. There were the three Ahmed brothers cock deep in their meat, a gorgeous little cunt who was airtight with fat Muslim cock and loving it. They fucked her in a hard even brutal manner but her cunt was gushing cum, her ass gaped beautifully when Khayam pulled out to show me the gape and his 8 inch cock. ? put it back in ....fuck my arse the cunt gasped" gasped taking a break from deep throating another long cock and pair of fat balls. I decided to enjoy the show for a while, knowing how much the Ahmeds enjoyed reaming this cunt in specific..........her damaged family history had turned her into a cock whore from an early age...........looking at how she was taking all that muslim meat at once there was no doubt they were determined to get their moneys worth. Her cunt n ass were going to be stretched massively.. I was puzzled as that would probably mean she could only really be an oral whore until i recalled the rumour i heard that the Ahmeds had a film company Which had established a huge business in the Middle East selling videos of infidel whores being fucked by dogs and horses. Looking at how much this piece of meat was enjoying herself I guess that's exactly what her future held in store for her.I found my short slide down my lakes and I stepped out of them. I lay back on the bed provided and waited for my angels to go to work. I have a specific position I like with quite particular choreography. Let me explain, my perversions and fetishes and why i have them. My first sexual experience was with my male doctor who spotting my beta personality groomed me to be his bottom despite my obvious large cock even at the age of 9. i loved being a bottom and thats why i had trained Mags how to fist my asshole. My doctor knew i had younger sisters and encouraged me to groom them so that i could introduce them to his p**o ring. Within a month of accidentally walking into their bedroom naked my cock swinging i was regularly fucking their cunts as they bounced up and down on me........................more to follow
06-02-2021, at 10:48 PM

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