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43. Reminiscences from the manor estate

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43. Reminiscences from the manor estate43. Reminiscences from the manor estate An additional few memories to the story ?sex and my amazing wife? PART BSEE ALSO 42 AND 44My position as lord of the estate comes with some privileges, one is that if I say jump people do tend to do just that, though it`s not a privilege to abuse, although I hear a number of my contemporise do just that.One couple were Jack and his wife Alice, my dungeon keeper (we cater for the kinkier side in our manor house hotel) and his wife our medical sister to the whole estate. He had a tiny sex organ and was unable to satisfy her in the normal way but the thing about them was they were both sex mad, which we found out shortly after they arrived.At one of our group meals (we have a small sexual group here of the top estate people known as ?the family? and naturally a secret) Alice had explained that she used their dog ?Richard? for her own sexual relief, She now had me eager to hear more; she said she used their dog a bit if I was interested, as her man had such small prick and her dog a huge lumbering Alsatian named ?Richard? whom we had seen being walked by Jack most days since they had come to live here. It had struck us as an odd name for a dog, but now I realised the name was a play on words, [Perhaps I should explain for those overseas souls reading this that the very apt English nickname for Richard is... Dick!] Jack with a rare smile explained that as a pup the dog was sex mad, assaulting any soft toy put in the run with him, he grew to adore Alice, and even as a pup was sexually drawn to her, which in view of the undersize of Jacks appendage, Jack being so poorly endowed it was a bonus to the couple. I had said that sometime she would be asked to demonstrate, to which she replied a little red faced ?yes me lord?Anyway it came a winters evening when I had some friends visiting, they were known players and frankly we were boredAlice had misdemeaned in some small way and was due a punishment so I sent for Alice, and told her, rather than asked her that she had been chosen to be our entertainment for the evening by being punished. She nervously curtsied, expecting to be punished by a spanking or whipping or some-such, as we normally did in this household.She was dressed in her blue nursing uniform so I knew she would be a real turn on for my guest the Sir Robin Forbes-Longman, and his sadistic wife ?Melody?, and was about to give sentence when my wife whispered in my ear that she wanted to see Alice with her dog. What a jolly good idea!Alice you will be given a stroke of the cane by each of those present, after you have demonstrated K9 sex for us all. Her face reddened, as I sent her to fetch her dog and be ready to perform in ten minutes and to fetch Jack with her to witness the punishment.She arrived back at the appointed time Jack in attendance touching forelock to myself and the guests before quietly and respectfully taking a seat at the far side of the room. I sat Alice beside the library fire, she still dressed in her uniform, a matronly figure ordu escort though not fat, big breasted but not huge, blue grey apprehensive eyes and dark hair glistening in the firelight, a sexual joy for us eager eyes.?Now my dear tell my guests why you use the dog?, I asked, knowing it would humiliate them both.She said that ?it was to achieve a level of relief she used the dog as her husband?s tool was unfortunately just too small.?Melody, never having seen a small penis, asked if she could see it, I said it was up to its owner, and Jack red faced but compliant as ever stood, told the dog to stay which it obediently did, then approached Melody. Standing before her, and dropping his trousers for her inspection.She squealed with delight when she saw the thing a 3? wonder, stiff and angry but oh so tiny against the huge pair of outsize balls that graced this out of proportion member.Her eyes asked if she could touch the tiny thing, and Jack nodded a silent yes, her fingers clawed at it and she kissed the tiny helmet saying it was delightful.Alice watching her husband in the ladies hand coughed, politely then said that ?madam should mind her dress, as the thing might be tiny but those balls carried a lot of fluid and it tended to go off unpredictably!?Melody thought that a hoot turned our man towards the heat of the fire and with finger and thumb alone brought Jack to a crashing climax, true to form his seed reached the flames in a sizzling display of seed throwing such as she, or we for that matter, had never seen before.Awestruck she told him to re-dress and go and sit, she would have need of his services before the night was over.I had Alice stand then remove her clothing, unbuttoning the uniform allowing it to fall to the ground she stepped from the blue ring of her fallen dress, then for effect passed it to Robin who`s eyes by now were riveted to her body.She grasped the hem of her slip lifting the thin material and revealing first her shapely legs encased in their dark stockings, then her neat white panties, a matronly girdle, and finally a lacy white peephole bra. Her nipples, a pleasing dark brown erect pair of teats, wonderful in the soft light. The slip joined the dress in Robins hands, held to his nose as he inhaled her very scent, her hands slid her panties down her smooth nylon clad legs revealing a wild patch of pubic hair again robin took possession of these, discarding both slip and dress in favour of these more intimate garments.She began to reach behind herself, as if to remove the bra but I stopped her, asking what she did to prevent scratches from the dog`s claws? She said that the a****l normally wore special padded socks when it and she mated, but that tonight she had forgotten them in her haste. So I told her she was to remain like this her bra could remain and her stockings and belt, if in his urgent haste she became scratched it would be a reminder not to forget vital items in the future.She acknowledged my remark with a silent nod, knowing the dog would be both active and damaging as mersin escort he performed she knew she would be damaged but also knew we would all enjoy that and if she bled it was what we all were expecting.I told her that she was to place a blanket on the table, then ask her husband to help her up onto it and before allowing the a****l to mount he was to pleasure her with his tongue for our entertainment and to show his compliance and to demonstrate his willingness for his wife to be our entertainment and to be so roughly used. She approached her hubby and said in a pleading voice ?The lord wants to watch me with Richard, please help me on to the table top, ready me then use your tongue to make me ready for the dog to use in your stead.You must then lift the dog so as not to scratch the great table, assist him to mount me for the enjoyment of the lord and his guests then assist in the un-knotting. As I overlooked covering his claws, I must expect to be scratched quiet badly please deal with any damage afterwards caused by the dog or those present who will be each using a cane on me as a punishment.? Jack kissed her, nodded, then silently motioned the dog again to stay, which it obediently did, while he then rose kissed his wife and led her to the table like a virgin being led to the sacrificial alter.She stepped onto a chair then onto the table kneeling on the rug, a matronly figure her bra clad breasts proud and tidy, her stiff nipples poking from the bra from the open tipped bra, her hairy muff, inviting and wet. She went down on all fours facing the length of the big table, the pale skin of her body catching the fire light as she bent forward.He began to lick at her; long steady strokes of his tongue from clit to rosebud in slow sensuous passes.I asked how many times she had had the dog use her, and she said ?it was a common occurrence my lord?, so I asked if he had her analy to which she answered with a trembling lip that they had never had tried that. Jack without comment continued lubricating up to the puckered brown rosebud then lifted Richard onto the rug where he began licking the area of her now wet sex.I stood to watch, The dog now excited, leapt forward his massive prick forcing its way into her wet sex, its huge excited member pistoning into her rapidly stretching orifice, this feet scrabbling and tearing at her flanks as he struggled to get his huge tool deep into her body. Her pain forgotten as she went with the eager dogs urgent need his legs hopping from one huge paw to the other as he forced his tool deep into her wet channel, blood trickling down her sides from the now numerous scratches his front legs still scrabbling for a purchase, his claws scratching and slicing at the sides of her bra as in his eagerness he tried desperately to secure a good hold.Suddenly she gasped that he was knotting and that he was filling her with boiling seed, her breathing laboured now, her climax upon her, with her head down near to the table top, she came near to losing consciousness, as the wave`s of joy malatya escort hit, washing over her in the way only exceptional climaxes can.For 20 long minutes the remained tied, the great dog collapsed on her back her head on the table, his on her shoulder tongue lolling and drool running down onto her chest.Her knees sore now from supporting the weight of them both she was glad to feel him begin to tear his knot from her stretched and bruised sex. Jack motioned me to hold her and stop her being dragged from the table as he caught the hound and stopped him from tearing his wife on dismounting, the dog finally coming free with a distinct plop Jack lifting him down to clean himself in the far corner of the room, as his spend drained from her injured sex wetting the rug and her inner thighs in equal measures.She raised herself and with my help she returned to terra-firma, standing stretching her stiff limbs, dog cum leaving a wet trail on the carpet. A chair was brought by Sue, not for her to sit on but to use to bend over, Sue asking if she needed securing, to which she answered that she did her legs being like jelly now and after she would be unable to walk she suspected, my ever helpful wife producing long cable ties from her coat pocket, soon securing her legs to the rear chair-legs and her arms to the forelegs, with her belly over the chair back, her sex still dripping Richards spend in quantities down her stockings.The cane was fetched and shown to our victim, she shuddered, as I started the ball rolling with not a lot more than a light tap, Robin was next, with a fairly good swipe, then jack like me more of a token tap, Alice began to suck her lips in an attempt not to cry, each hit had produced a moan that varied with the power of the stroke.The butler Devon, took the cane next catching her unawares with a stroke that left a red line under her seat that spoke of years of experience, that left the two women, Sue stood to one side and hefted that cane with a will and the thud and subsequent yelp followed by tears, was what we all had expected, Sue had laid it on as she would have wished to receive it not o.t.t but hard. What we didn`t expect was the full arm swing of Melody who taking the cane swung the thing with real hatred, the woosh of its passing causing everyone to wince and it leaving a livid purple line instantly across the luckless Alice`s rump to the accompaniment of a full blooded scream from the already bawling victim. Way over the top that stroke was inappropriate or for a visitor, for a minor punishment and we all knew it as soon as it was delivered. Devon leapt forward with his pocket knife and cut Alice free, he and Jack taking her at once from the room , Richard trailing along behind in an unhappy sort of way.Robin now told his lady she was a real bitch, apologising to me for her behaviour and saying she would suffer when she got home. Embarrassed we made the appropriate noises, everyone knowing that a good evening had been spoilt.Robin looked at the clock and saying is that the time, making his excuses with some embarrassment he soon withdrew taking the unhappy melody off home. Alice recovered in the next few days, being a good sport and not holding a grudge fortunately, and though we assured her it would never happen again we all knew it probably would.
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