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my crazy chick

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my crazy chicki was surprised when you asked me if we could ride over your amauter pornstar girlfriends house for a threesome you never showed much intrest in other chicks, i even asked if you were trying to have another dude join us while your friend watched, i told you it was cool and if it makes you happy then im down for that cause, if its my girls lifetime dream to watch me lose my booty cherry while she rides my face and eggs the guy to go faster and harder then im down because youve brought me back from death so we go in and you get in your dominatrix mode, more bratty than mean but in control as you make me strip infront of your friend who says damn i thought youd have a little dick when she sees my half hard cock straing in my boxer briefs with a little precum dripping from all the teasing you made me endure on the ride over. you tell your friend to see if ill be satisfactory and as she scoops up a fingertip full of my precum and tells me to suck her finger which i do enthusiastically, first impression, she looks me in the eyes into my soul and says we'll see as she grabs my rock hard cock and leads me to her super plush canopy bed witch restraints coming from each corner. you push me down and straddle me my cock grinding against your soft wet panties as you hold my arm while your friend well you know she wont mind if i give her name shes probably proud Val was a friend we both had from work, outside she and you are polar opposites, you had a tight body with the worlds perfect ass and a cute face and a genuine warm personality that makes everyone love you but with a dirty mind that gets you in trouble with every man in your life lusting after you until they need to be set straight you the most loyal chick ever and i never once worried that youd cheat on me where as val was a female player she thinks its hilarious to get guys to taste another dudes cum like blowing one guy right before coming over mouth filled to show you and then swallow and grab some one else and start making out, has a whole group of friends she calls traps, the most beautiful women youll see with cocks as big as mine that love turning straight guys into cock suckers and val loves to help, just last week she paid us $100 a piece to each film as she held this frat boys head still while anna and tayna took turns teaching him to deep throat, and while my camera filmed your camera live streamed to his sorority girl girlfriend who had found a video of him bragging about how much he enjoyed getting his girl to go down on him after cheating on her with her friends. well she had been working at our company and fell in with val and my chick being that they were the attractive white pot heads and we heard this story and val asks her this time she get her douche to eat her out before he goes off to mess around with these "girls" he just met and val will take care of everything , set the karma arrow straight. well i lucked out in the first part as you blew me for a long time bringing me to the brink then stopping while the sorority watched you blow me nerviously until i told her we do shit like this all the time that made her laugh and loosen up, im by no means her type and till the day before i think she was scared of me after seeing me come to work extremly intoxacated and cuss out a van full of people for being sober and now shes watching my girlfriend prepare me to explode inside her trustfund when she gradutes college so she can become a socialite blond hair perfect pussy, so after 45min i say enough and try to hide my enjoyment as my too good for me girl guides me into extra tight sorority girl who adds to this by proclaiming im the biggest shes had as i look to my girl who smiles and tells me to make her cum and i lean inlong fast strokes as my girl rubs then starts sucking her clit pushing her over and he sudden orgasm clamping and squeezing my dick makes me exploded 30 second non stop load deep inside as i pull out my work finished both girls lick me clean and our new friend pulls her panties on and 30 minutes my girls snapchat starts going off and she shows me videos our sorority sister is snaping of her boyfriend face covered in cream and her exclaiming that she came so much on him but after you got me tied to a bed guys start showing up and you start blowing guys right in front of my face spitting on me while you or girlfriend pulls off the my gag and sticks the giant cock shes been sucking into her pussy and fucks right in front of my face until i hear her sloshing and the stops and pulls him out dripping with her juices starts jerking it hard and fast until the guys gonna nutt and she calls over for you to watch as she smashes it into my lips and tells me to open or every dick there is fucking my ass while they record so i open up and as soon as my tongue hits his tip he explodes quickly filling then overflowing out my mouth down my cheecks as you get eye to eye as some strangers cum fills my mouth for the first time, i try and turn or get my mouth free but your girlfriend has the guy fucking my mouth trying to push into my throat, still staying hard all i taste is him but all i smell from the base is her and that smells amazing, i swipe my tongue out and i taste her to both of yall amusement as i try to lick his base and her juices that were dripping on his balls i try so hard i push his head into my throat and you grab my head and force me down as far as i can but pull me back then push down again as you fuck his now rock hard cock with my mouth and tell me hes gonna cum again and i cant do nothing with the first load until i milk out another, both girls are face to face with me, you pound my throat up and down on his cock using his first load as lube and my lack of a gag reflex that you always told me was wasted on my straight ass, more people have shown up now , i know all the women but the men seem random no ones boyfriendjust pornstar looking types that strip and while some make moves on some girls, most seem to await direction as a girl i havent seen since the 9th grade natascia comes next to you and laughs at the sight of me on my back a guy kneeling on my sholders pinning me down as you with hy head in your hands as you pound my head up and down glee fully and i see natascia start to kiss this dude mouth and squeeze his balls and then look at me with a twisted grin as his cock stiffens and again he explodes as my mouth over flows natscia pulls him out and shoots all over my face and your hands and the scoops the last drop off with her finger and sticks it into your mouth and you enjoy spitting it in my face and finally you tell me to spitt a mouth full into a coffee cup and then swallow everything in my mouth as all the girls huddle around too far for me to hear past the giggle, hilarious laughter and the high 5's,and they all break out theure phones and you break out the brand new extra fast laptop i bought you along with a bag of high end webcamsand some sort of control surface as you start up a chaturbate page we use for fun and show me as you send thepage address to every woman that has ever met me can now with on eclick see me naked arms tied to the bed corners as with my legs, your girlfriend taking great delight in scooping off all the cum around my neck and the rubbing it on my cock or balls suprised that i have as nice a dick as any in the room as she scoops all the precum she squeezes out and rubs it on my lips like lip balm
04-27-2021, at 11:04 AM

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