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The Foot Worship of Mistress Tara

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The Foot Worship of Mistress TaraMy mistress Tara is a mature woman of average height, a curvaceous sexy body, intense good looks, long jet black hair and most of all beautiful feet. I sat in a small room naked awaiting her. The dimly lit room had a single bed, a table, sex toys and a cane and were s**ttered around. I felt excited and scared at the same time "I want satisfy my mistress but will she tell me off if don't satisfy her?" Then the moment arrived, my sexy mistress entered the room and ordered me to stand up. My heart was beating fast as she stood there wearing nothing but a red bra and knickers with 7 inch black high heels. My experience with mistress Tara was about to begin.She sat on the bed and ordered me to my knees. I knelt before her as she commanded. "You like my feet? Take off my shoe" she ordered. I slowly and carefully held her shiny black heel in my hands and started to remove it from her foot. "And the other one!" my mistress demanded. I carefully removed her other shoe, which smelt so good it made my mouth water. "Now. Take my foot and suck each toe one at a time!" She commanded. I held her smooth tanned foot and moved my head towards it and placed my mouth over the little toe. It tasted so good. I slowly sucked her little piggy until she ordered me to progress to the next one. Each individual toe tasted better than the last and eventually i got to the big toe which looked so succulent. My penis was becoming erect as i got turned on sucking her toes. While i sucked her big toe she stroked my hardening cock with her other foot.I sucked that big toe and groaned as i did letting my mistress know i am enjoying worshipping her feet. After sucking her biggest toe i started to suck them all again making sure they are cleaned for my mistress, after all I was merely her foot slave and she was in command. I placed my mouth over all her toes and sucked as much as i could "Very good" she commented "suck those toes my little foot slave. Suck your mistresses feet" Her other foot was still rubbing my penis which was becoming stiffer. I was so turned on now and she knew it but i thought "shes not just going to let me cum just like that" After sucking her toes i licked and sucked the sole and heel without her ordering me to "Good boy!" she said "You know how to worship your mistresses feet". I repeated the same worship on her other foot, kissing it, sucking each toe, licking the sole and sucking the heel. My penis was now fully erect and my mistress was gently stroking it with her cane. "I want you to stand up straight and put your arms behind your back.. now!". I stood up immediately and did as she said, standing straight with my arms behind my back and my fully erect cock ready for her. She knelt down before me and stroked my member with her cane again asking if i liked it" Yes" i replied "YES MISTRESS!!" she shouted. I quickly apologised for not showing respect to the woman whose feet i just worshipped. It was out of order. She was in command and deserves to be respected and worshipped. Tara held my stiff cock in her hand and slowly stroked it up and down looking at me in the eye with a serious and stern look "You worship your mistress and her feet? I see that makes you aroused you naughty boy. I bet you'd like to cum now?". "Yes mistress Tara" i replied. She wanked my hard cock slowly and gradually built up speed - it felt so good, her hand rubbing up and down the long shaft. I couldn't wait for her to make me cum. But then she stopped! "Count backwards from fifty.. and if you look like your going to cum... I'll stop!". I started counting from fifty while she wanked me off. I just wanted to explode but i couldn't.. not yet. She stroked my cock with one hand and rubbed the glans with the other saying" Don't you dare cum yet! i tell you when to cum". As i continued to count she said "Your cock is ready to explode you dirty little fucker! Do you like it when i rub your bellend? I want to see that lovely hot spunk shoot out... only when i say though!" Finally i got to the last number and she said" Now you have to beg me to let you cum!!"." Please mistress Tara i want to cum" i begged "please i really want to cum! I want shoot so much. Can i? Please? ". " SHOOT IT! " she shouted allowing me to finally achieve orgasm. My penis started pulsating and pumping out a thick load of sperm over my mistress. I felt so good all over as i orgasmed and my mistress smiled as she enjoyed having my seed over her hand and in her hair. She got up and told me to clean up my mess. I was the one who produced sperm and blasted it everywhere not her so i did as i was told. As i left my mistress kissed me on the cheek saying "You were a very good boy today, next time i want you inside me..."
04-27-2021, at 11:04 AM

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